Punkin the Rescue Dog: Happy Update

I thought I would update everyone on Punkin. For those of you just tuning in, Punkin is an abandoned Doberman, I found in the yard of a vacated house near my grandfather’s. I adopted him, took him home and got to work helping him. At first, Punkin was a shy, timid dog. He was as skinny as you could possibly imagine. But today, Punkin is a completely different dog! We now consider him as part of the family. I think he’s pretty happy about that, too.

When we first brought Punkin home, he had to get used to the customs of the Walker family. We have four other dogs, and we weren’t quite sure how they would adapt to each other. For the first week or so, we kept him separated, only taking him outside on a leash, to walk, run and so on. As time progressed, we decided to start letting him gradually go out on his own to eat with the other dogs and roam the fields with our bird dog, Hero. It went very well, although Punkin does NOT like our cat. Other than that, he has adapted very well to us, and is one of the most loving dogs we have ever had!

Punkin has some interesting characteristics. We have quite a time in the mornings when we feed all of the dogs together. Punkin goes straight to the food bin and waits until I get his bowl of food out. What’s interesting about this is that he will follow me to every other dog as I take them their bowl of food. When it is finally his turn, he starts jumping up and down, like he is begging for me to hurry. I will give him his food, but unless I sit beside him, or stay close to him, he will not eat. He just sits there and stares as if he is waiting on me to give him permission to eat!

Punkin will also smile at you when he is extremely happy to see you. No, really, he smiles! He starts to shake and go crazy, and then pulls his mouth back to show those big, pretty, white teeth. And it isn’t growling or snarling or showing his teeth for protection. No, this is just plain joy!

He loves to eat (with company, as I explained) and is finally starting to bulk up, but being that he is such an active dog, he will probably always be lean. He has such a great personality, and we could not imagine life without Punkin! If an abandoned dog tugs at your heart strings but you’re not sure, go ahead and adopt them. It’s like Punkin knows he was saved. And his smiles and constant love and affection are his thank you to us.

-Photo Credit: Images by Grant Walker. 



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