Pet Parenting is About Responsibilities

p>I have two sweet baby girls. One is a 19-month-old girl, Natalee, and the other is a 6-year-old Shih-Tzu, Shay. They are my pride and joy, and my life has changed since bringing each of them home. It’s surprising how much changes when you become accountable for other living creatures.

When Shay came home for the first time, my responsibilities changed instantly. All of you who’ve raised a dog from puppyhood know what I mean! She was surprisingly easy her first night. Most puppies keep their new owner(s) up half the night crying because they’re not used to their surroundings. Not Shay. She fell asleep in her cozy new spot right at the edge of my bed. To this day, she still gets her Zzzs on our bed each night. But don’t be fooled by this tale of an easy start: Shay can be a handful.

When I say pet parenting is about responsibilities, I mean the whole shebang: from training your pet to go potty outside to disease and parasite prevention. Being a pet parent is no joke. It’s a huge job. But you know what? We all love it just the same! Just like with our human children, we want the very best for our furry babies, too.

As a mother of (now) two, there is one thing that scares me silly. Those nasty, dirty, disease-carrying fleas and ticks. I actually had nightmares about them running all through my house, in my car and on my family members! I’m scratching just thinking about it. Part of that may be that I work in a company where we talk about fleas and ticks quite a bit, but this has always been true for me. The idea of an infestation of anything just icks me out!

Even before I had Natalee, I wanted a flea and tick treatment that I could feel safe using. I tend to like natural products, so I tried our popular natural squeeze-on, SENTRY Natural Defense for Dogs and Puppies. I like that it works using only natural essential oils. And even more, that it actually does the job. I mean, who wants fleas and ticks crawling around in their home? Not me. But I think we established that. I feel great about using a natural product because it’s safe around children and other pets. Plus, it makes Shay smell a little bit like spice cake!

In terms of everyday responsibilities, I learn new things all the time. Before I started working for Sergeant’s and writing for this blog, I was doing a lot of things “wrong.” You learn from experience, right? And from other pet lovers like yourselves.

From what to do if there is a natural disaster to removing a tick on your dog or cat (I think I will just beg Dr. Tony to do it), this blog and our Facebook page have become incredible resources for many people, myself included.

Let us know if you have any questions or tips to share. Do so in the comments below or on our Pet Health Central fan page. What helps you maintain ‘responsible pet parent’ status?

-Photo Credit: From flickr by Bradeygee


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