Creative Ideas to Keep Pets Hydrated

As the weather warms up around the country, it becomes crucial to ensure that pets stay properly hydrated.

Animals in the wild are naturally drawn to running water and this is something that can be very easily re-created in a home or garden setting with a pet fountain.

First, there are numerous indoor pet drinking fountains. They not only vary in size and shape and materials but also in the way they dispense the water. Some allow the water to free flow downward and others allow the water to bubble upwards before  ‘water-falling’ into the container. This decision will depend on your pet’s drinking preference.

Also, apart from different sizes, it’s also a matter of shape. If you are shopping for a cat, look for a design that will allow them to drink freely without getting their whiskers wet. (This is called whisker stress.)

Indoor drinking fountains usually have carbon filters, which, just like human drinking systems, need to be replaced regularly. If you use ordinary water bowls, be sure to refresh the water daily otherwise it gets stagnant and algae begins to grow. Vinegar is a really good cleaning agent for drinking bowls because it is non-toxic to pets. And remember that fountains can be dismantled and thoroughly washed in a dishwasher, too.

There are also nice drinking fountains that can be placed outside and attached to a wall. If you are considering an outdoor one, be sure to install it at the right height so that all the pets in the household can use it.

Another suggestion, if you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, is to consider buying an outdoor garden fountain made from stone and installing it specifically for pets to use as a drinking fountain. Again, don’t use toxic chemicals to keep it clean. A good scrubbing with a brush should do the trick on a regular basis.

The birds in your neighborhood will enjoy it, too.

-Photo Credit: From flickr by bigbirdz

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