Rev up Your Pet’s Daily Activities

Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to focus on your pet’s daily activities and rev them up a notch. All pets really benefit from interaction with their people, even critters like hamsters and gerbils and, of course, birds.

The plus side of interaction is obvious – it keeps pets healthy and helps prevent obesity. And you can make very simple changes to a daily routine which your cat, dog or hamster will no doubt enjoy immensely.

We all make a regular trip to buy food. By simply shopping at a pet store instead of a grocery store, your dog can accompany you on the outing. Pet stores are actually great places for dogs to visit. There are all those wonderful smells, often other dogs to meet and greet and, of course, more than likely, free treats! All this is very stimulating for a dog.

And while this is not a typical feline outing, I have seen cats in the cart at Petco!

Talking of felines, a great way to spice up their daily routine is to give an indoor cat a window on the outside world. There are lots of lovely cat hammocks that suction directly onto a window or glass door. Alternatively, move the kitty condo to such a position that they can see out.

I have moved one of our cat trees close to a sliding door with a view of our patio and fountain. The fountain draws lots of birds to drink and splash about. Plus there are lizards that run around. There was even a wild bunny running across the warden wall recently – much to the delight of Ziggy, who now waits for me to open the shutters every morning so he can get a front row seat for his entertainment.

As far as critters are concerned, there are lots of indoor playpens where they can play under supervision (especially if there are other pets or small children in the home). Get a ball for your hamster to run around in safely (keep it away from stairs). They enjoy a different environment too, not to mention a new toy for the cage.

And speaking of toys, there’s no need to overlook your bird. There are wonderful toys for birds too, such as an avian piñata that they can have fun pecking away at until it releases some yummy dried fruit and nuts.

And one last thing with regard to your dog or cat: have you given them a hug today? If not, go give them one. If so, go give them another!

-Photo Credit: From flickr by Alexandra Zakharova

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