Sergeant’s Announces Support of Life-Changing Program: Rescue Waggin’

Have you ever found yourself wondering what happens to homeless pets brought to already full shelters? Those pets who don’t have a fair chance at getting adopted? The reality is that shelters across North America, with their limited space and finite resources, are forced to euthanize adoptable dogs and cats every day.

Through PetSmart Charities’ Rescue Waggin’ Program, homeless pets like Noah (who was recently given the ride of his life), are relocated to destination shelters where adoptable dogs are in high demand, thus providing adoptable dogs and puppies a second chance at finding a forever home.

Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is proud to announce our support in this life-changing program. As a sponsor, Sergeant’s is actively involved in helping the Rescue Waggin’ save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies around the country.

How it works:

The Rescue Waggin’ program has three parts:

  • A pet transport program: Relocates dogs and puppies from areas of high homeless pet overpopulation to shelters in areas where adoptable dogs are in demand.
  • Capacity-building grants: Helps expand local spay and neuter services for dogs and cats and improve shelter facilities, operations and adoptions for agencies that send dogs and puppies on the transport vehicles.
  • Funding and mentoring: PetSmart Charities program managers offer a wealth of expertise to help improve shelter facilities and operations.

You can become a Rescue Waggin’ partner by visiting their website for more information. Your shelter could be a receiving destination (if you have a community demand for adoptable dogs/puppies) or a shipping destination (if you have a high population of homeless pets and high euthanasia rates in your community). The PetSmart Charities website states:

“When you participate in the Rescue Waggin’ program, you save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies and increase community awareness and outreach opportunities. Your shelter can request a shelter mentor to improve shelter operations and problem solving. Your shelter may receive grants for shelter improvements and will receive medical reimbursement for dogs transported as part of the Rescue Waggin’ program. You will have access to Rescue Waggin’ program training and invited to summits.”  

One way Sergeant’s has already helped is through product donations, like a recent shipment of 120 boxes of SENTRY Fiproguard MAX to a contributing shelter in Belvidere, Tenn. Sergeant’s also put together gift bags for participants of the Rescue Waggin’ program containing high-quality toys, flea and tick products, Pur Luv treats and SENTRY calming collars.

You can help, too!

If you are looking to adopt, find a shelter in your area that supports this wonderful program – or tell them about the Rescue Waggin’ program. Help us spread the word! Since it began in 2004, the Rescue Waggin’ Program has transported more than 60,000 dogs! With your help, this number will only get bigger and bigger.

You can also make a monetary donation on the PetSmart Charities website. Thank you for your support and for adopting a rescue pet.

Read about some of the lucky dogs saved through the Rescue Waggin’ program here:


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