6 Pet Friday’s Pets from Sergeant’s

One of the best things about working for a pet care company is that everyone loves pets. We even have a weekly “bring your pets” to work day, which happens to be today! Unfortunately, we haven’t had many cats in the last couple of weeks, so this post only shows off our canine companions. I promise to feature a few purrrfect felines on our Pet Health Central Facebook page and in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned!

Here are some of the beautiful pets that have visited Sergeant’s Pet Care Products in the last few weeks.

Our Feature Image is Greta, StBernard. She’s basically 110 pounds of love and kindness. She’s amazing with children, people and other pets. This beautiful dog loves destroying even the most durable toys, as you can see. It’s all about having fun when vising the office. So we spoil our pets with treats, toys and most of all – LOVE!

This is Bently Bill, pug. Bently Bill is a snuggle bug; a real sweetheart with a sister (also best friend) named Phoebe. His owner says he is very aware when other dogs are around. That’s a nice way of saying he sweetly barks, pulls on his leash and makes his presence known. A guard dog? Perhaps. Or maybe he’s just our little protector.

This is Max, longhaired Chihuahua. His owner is in the graphics department here at Sergeant’s. Max was a little nervous about visiting us at first, but seems more at ease each time he comes. Maybe it’s because we use our SENTRY Calming Spray in the graphics room. He’s quiet, kind and very pretty (as you can see). Max is a shy guy, but warms up to people pretty quickly.

This is Lucky, Shih Tzu. This happy, well-behaved fellow loves to cuddle and go for walks. This is not his first time visiting, because everyone basically loves when he’s around. He actually spent a lot of time on one employee’s lap while she worked at her desk. Please come visit us again, Lucky.

This is Lulu, cockapoo. This sweetheart was recently adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society by an intern in our marketing department. She’s 7 years old and loves people. It didn’t take her very long to realize she was in the right place! We love rescues (and all pets, really)  so much!

This is Sprite, Golden Retriever. She is a therapy dog that’s quickly becoming quite the celebrity around Sergeant’s. As a therapy dog, Sprite has found a new forever home with an employee in the marketing department. Please read her wonderful story about how she became a therapy dog!

It’s safe to say that we love Pet Fridays around here! Please share a picture of your pet on our Facebook page. You can also enter our weekly photo contest called Pet of the Week. Have a great day, fellow pet lovers!  

-Photo Credit: All images by Elizabeth Jorgenson from Sergeant’s Pet Care Products. 


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