The ‘Pup-a-Razzi’ Pack: About My Rescued Pets

Every morning and evening, I am enthusiastically greeted by a pack of furry, four-legged canines. In keeping with my fellow bloggers, I thought I’d share a little about my pets!

Owning dogs is like having your own minions (although mine don’t do tasks, only a few tricks!), or like being a minor Greek deity, worshiped only by dogs. Maybe it’s akin to being a movie idol, with “pup-a-rrazzi” clamoring for attention. Regardless of what it is, I am the very center of the universe for a rag-tag band of pooches. (And a very tubby tabby.)

All my pets are rescues. And for the very life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone would give up these companions that have become so dear to me.

The “old man” of the pack is the smallest, a 14-year-old terrier we think may be part Scottie and part Cairn. Sammy is the most devoted to me, to the extent that my husband often refers to him as “Velcro Pup.” His eyes are beginning to cloud with age, but that doesn’t mean that he watches me with any less love or attention. He’s never been much for playing, but he’s the one dog who will stick by my side, leashed or unleashed, as we wander the yard or work in the garden.

Sadie, 10,  is a patchwork quilt of a dog. She appears to have the ears and body of a corgi; the coat of a cairn; the curled tail of a basenji; and short legs…basset? I’ve had numerous people ask her breed; I simply call her an “Auburnian Terrier” (after the town where she was adopted.) She is our resident “bossy-butt.”  If anyone else is getting attention, Sadie will immediately wriggle her way into the mix, making sure she is showered with treats, pets or toys. Sadie is also death and destruction to any invaders on our property, and she routinely patrols for (and kills) garter snakes.

Pepper, 10, is anyone’s guess. When I adopted her as a senior pet, I was told she was a terrier mix. We believe, based on her coat and her behavior, that she is probably a mix of spaniel and poodle. Pepper loves to play. LOVES! Toys are the best thing EVER; in fact, when I first met her, she was carrying a toy in her jaws. She will play fetch for hours, and becomes fixated on a particular toy. Should it roll under a piece of furniture, she will attempt to retrieve it, but if she can’t, you MUST. She is relentless.

And then, there’s BK. “Bad Kitty” was our daughter’s cat, but when she moved into an apartment, she left BK with us. BK is a 21-pound orange tabby who has decided that our bed is his kingdom. When it is bedtime, BK will announce, loudly and frequently, that it is time to come up and crawl under the sheets. BK is a catnip addict, and adores the stuff, fresh or dried. He may need a 12-step program.

I don’t ask much of my pets. Each dog knows a few basic tricks. I admit I have failed horribly at keeping them under control when visitors arrive  (although StopThat! spray works wonderfully!), and all four need to eat a few less treats (one of the advantages – or disadvantages – of working for a company that creates dog treats!). But what they do extremely well is adore me. And really, when it comes down to it, that’s the only trick that matters.

Photo Credit: By Melissa Rice. Pictured from left: Sammy, Sadie and Pepper.


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