Introducing My Fur Babies: Fudge and Ziggy

Like my fellow bloggers, I have been asked to introduce my fur kids, Fudge and Ziggy, to fans of this blog.

Growing up, I always had a menagerie that included dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and even a terrapin turtle. Slowly, over the years, we became a feline-only household, because that’s what our cats decreed! My late calico, California, wasn’t fond of dogs. When we left South Africa 13 years ago and came to live in California, I found myself booking airline tickets for three cats: the irrepressible, California; my gentle tortie, Muffin; and my green-eyed white and tabby beauty, Fudge.

It was quite an odyssey for them. I discovered as a result of lengthy research, if you have four paws and a tail, the airline of record was KLM the Royal Dutch airline. So my kitties flew from Cape Town to Amsterdam, and finally, Los Angeles.

Moving countries was quite a lifestyle adjustment for them, too. They became indoor cats because of the coyote problem and learned to play with toys to compensate for chasing and catching birds and lizards.

They also got jobs – they became my feline testers for the huge array of products that I work with on a daily basis.

Sadly, Muffin passed away in 2005. My beloved Cali passed in 2009, leaving Fudge an only cat. She really missed Cali and grieved badly. I felt so guilty going out and leaving her home alone.

That’s how Ziggy came into our lives. He was eight weeks old when we adopted him. Initially, we kept him apart from Fudge and slowly introduced them by smell (rubbing socks on each cat and swapping the socks between the cats) before they finally met. He took one look at her and fell in love. She, on the other hand, wasn’t too sure of this bouncy fur ball, but he persisted in wanting to be with her.

I am happy to say that they are now inseparable. To such an extent that if I lock Ziggy out the kitchen (if I am trying to chop melons, he insists on eating what I chop), Fudge goes looking for him!

There is a big age gap between Fudge (15) and Ziggy (3). Ziggy has certainly helped to keep Fudge young and active. I love to watch them playing and chasing one another around the house. Ziggy has also taught Fudge some bad habits – sleeping on my computer keyboard and jumping on certain items of furniture, which are supposed to be out of bounds.

It was French poet, author and filmmaker Jean Cocteau who said, “I love cats because I enjoy my home, and little by little, they become its visible soul.”

So very true!

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ziggy and Fudge

Photo Credit: By Sandy Robins. Pictured are Ziggy (left) and Fudge (right).

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