6 Tips for Moving With Pets

Are you planning a move, or just want to be prepared for the future? You came to the right place! What do you do to make the location change easier for you and your pets? Below are six suggestions to consider before switching residences. Next week, I will be writing about the best ways to help your pet transition into their new space. In the comments below, please share your suggestions. Have you moved with a pet before? What do you recommend others to do in the event of a move?

It’s really important to remember that both cats and dogs are very perceptive creatures and know that something is happening in a household prior to a move. It’s not only the boxes; they pick up on the emotions of their people, too. And who knows what is really going on inside their heads – especially if they are adopted, they may have been previously abandoned as a result of a move!

Here is a quick list of ‘TO DO’S’ to help make your move smooth and less stressful for everyone:

  • Ensure that your dog or cat is wearing a collar with identification tags. Have a new tag made in advance with your new telephone and address details. On moving day, it’s a really good idea to have both the old and new tags on! Also, consider getting them microchipped.
  • Put a SENTRY Calming Collar, to help reduce pet fear, on your pet at least a week beforehand, so that it’s in full effect when it’s needed the most.
  • If your cat is normally allowed outside, stop letting her outside at least two weeks before moving day. This will prevent her from possibly disappearing beforehand.
  • Bring in the packing paraphernalia a few weeks beforehand. Most cats love boxes. Let their curiosity rule and allow them some fun. It will help put a more positive spin on the experience of transitioning to a new environment.
  • It’s also a good idea to have her carrier accessible at all times, so that she sees it around. Worst-case scenario, she’ll think you have a trip to the vet planned! However, when you actually begin packing, place her in another room. Cats have been known to jump into a box and snuggle down amidst the contents, out of sight.
  • Confine all your pets to one room on moving day – preferably a room that’s not going to have any removal activity, such as a bathroom. Put in a litter box and or a puppy pee pad, a favorite blanket and food tray down. Add a note on the outside of the door to keep this pet zone secured. Place the cat’s carrier and any dog leashes in there, too, so that they don’t accidentally get loaded onto the moving van.

Alright! What do you think? Will this make your move easier? Stay tuned for additional tips next week. Please share your thoughts and tips in the comments below…


-Photo Credit: From flickr by TaraDStern

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