Three Rescue Waggin’ Dogs, One Forever Home

Editor’s Note: This touching success story was submitted to PetSmart Charities and their Rescue Waggin’ Program. Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is a proud sponsor of this this life-changing program. As a sponsor, Sergeant’s is actively involved in helping the Rescue Waggin’ save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies around the country.

In November 2011, we adopted Kenzie from a PetSmart Charities Adoption Center through the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Colorado. This was our first dog since our older dog Riley passed away, and we weren’t sure we could go through that loss again. As soon as we saw Kenzie, however, we just knew this was the best thing for all of us. My four kids saw her and immediately fell in love. We learned that Kenzie arrived at the organization via the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ vehicle with other dogs and puppies from Oklahoma. She’s been such a great puppy and we decided to adopt another dog, just so she would have a sibling. Riley was an “only” and it never dawned on me that having two dogs would be good as well.

We decided we would adopt another dog that was part of the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ program. We saw that the latest arrival at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley had puppies and dogs transported from Kansas. We saw a picture of a black dog online and fell in love. Our family contacted the shelter immediately and let them know we were interested in adopting. Tucker is now part of our family and I never realized how much fun two dogs would be. The kids and I are constantly fighting over who gets to snuggle with them, walk them and even who gets to give them a bath!

A month later, I saw that the Rescue Waggin’ vehicle brought in more dogs and puppies from Oklahoma and fell in love with a black and white pup. She reminded me of a puppy I had when I was a child, and believe it or not, we went in the next day and adopted her, too. We ended up naming her Tater Tot.

We feel like our family is now complete. Each of our dogs brings all of us such joy. Our puppies are all so different. They all have their little quirks. Kenzie (brown) is the “Queen-bee,”  Tucker (black) think’s he’s a lap dog (and sleeps on his back with his feet in the air, next to us in bed) and Tater (white/black) is the little sister who is into everything!  Having three puppies seems a bit chaotic, but it’s actually the best thing. They bring us such joy and it warms our hearts to know we rescued three very deserving puppies. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

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