Halloween Tips and Tricks for Canines

Howl’oween is the most popular event on the doggie calendar.

If you are planning to dress up your dog, be sure to purchase the outfit well in advance and allow your pet to try it out at home on several occasions before the actual day. There’s no shortage of costume ideas for dogs of all shapes and sizes. And while it may be traditional to transform your pooch into a pumpkin, a witch or the devil, in fact, anything goes!

The summer blockbuster movies are always a great source of inspiration for Howl’oween costumes. So this year there will probably be lots of “Ironman” doggies and “Darth Vadar” canine clones as Petco has released a fabulous collection of Star Wars costumes. Interestingly, the bee remains the most popular doggie costume of all time.

When selecting a pet costume, look for soft, lightweight fabrics and no loose ties. Avoid any ornamentation that could possibly be swallowed. Never try to tailor a child’s costume to fit a canine because children’s costumes often have stronger elastic, which could irritate a dog around the head and neck areas.

Another fantastic idea is to dress up your pet to match your own costume! It makes dressing up so much fun!

If your dog simply refuses to dress up, consider a Howl’oween-inspired bandana or a new collar and leash patterned with pumpkins and skulls. A leash with flashing LED lights will add a nice touch and will be useful year-round if you enjoy evening walks. There are lots of other flashing and glow-in-the-dark accessories that can be added to a collar.

And there’s non-toxic pet paint, too, which will allow you to unleash your creativity on your pet’s coat with some fun designs that will easily wash out afterwards.

However, always ensure your dog is wearing up-to-date identification tags under his costume.

When it comes to trick-or-treating, chocolate is highly poisonous for dogs and candy is as bad for canine teeth as it is for humans. Most doggy bakeries go to town on occasions such as Howl’oween, making biscuits shaped in all sorts of appropriate festive shapes such as witches, bats and devils. So be sure to get your pet his own supply of doggie confectionary.  Don’t forget to cater for trick-or-treating dogs that come to your home, too!

If you are taking part in a doggie parade, dress up your pooch just before the line-up, as some costumes tend to be warm.  Be sure to take plenty of water along for your pet to lap up en-route.

Never let children take charge of the dog on trick and treat neighborhood outings; there are far too many distractions. Holding a flashlight and a candy bag is probably all they can handle. Instead, make sure your dog is on a strong leash with an adult on the other end and don’t allow your doggy pal to accompany children right up to the front door in case the incumbent witch-dog or barking bat is not welcoming to any visiting canine on his doorstep!


Editor’s Note: Remember to have a few delicious treats readily available for your dog. When everyone is enjoying their trick-or-treat candy, give your dog a delicious Canine Prime bone from Sergeant’s. Have fun!  

-Photo Credit: From flickr by petsadviser.com

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