One Sweet Cookie: 60,000th Rescue Waggin’ Dog

Editor’s Note: This touching success story was submitted to PetSmart Charities and their Rescue Waggin’ Program. Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is a proud sponsor of this this life-changing program. As a sponsor, Sergeant’s is actively involved in helping the Rescue Waggin’ save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies around the country.

Cookie is one special Spaniel mix.

This six-month-old was the 60,000th dog to take a life-saving ride aboard PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ vehicle. Cookie’s journey also marks more than 10,000 lives saved since October 2011 thanks to our Rescue Waggin’ program and our partners.

What makes Cookie even more special? She found her new forever home after just one day on the adoption floor.

A better chance for a forever home

Cookie was surrendered by her owner to Barren River Animal Welfare Association (BRAWA) in Glasgow, Kentucky. To increase her chances of finding a forever home, she boarded the Rescue Waggin’ vehicle on Tuesday, Oct. 30, accompanied by 18 other homeless dogs and puppies. They were bound for the Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS) in Dubuque, Iowa.

Dog being transferred to shelter in IowaBRAWA was one of the very first shelters to join the Rescue Waggin’ program when it was launched in 2004. Since then, they have sent more than 3,700 dogs and puppies aboard the Rescue Waggin’ vehicle to other shelters in the Midwest. At shelters like DRHS, they have a better chance at finding new homes.

“For our shelter, the Rescue Waggin’ program not only helps us our dogs find good homes, but helps us become a better shelter for our community,” said Margie Patton, Executive Director for BRAWA.

The perfect Cookie for Alexander

Cookie arrived at DRHS on Tuesday, and got plenty of down time at this destination shelter before being placed on their adoption floor on Friday morning. “We knew she would be adopted quickly,” said Pam Oster of DRHS. One day later, she was adopted by Alexander Green, of Monticello, Iowa, who simply couldn’t resist her “adorable face.” Alexander lost a 12-year-old dog a few years ago, and was headed to the shelter to check out another dog when Cookie caught his eye.

“She didn’t even bark when I approached,” he said. “She just sat there and waited for me to come over to her. She was just the right size. She was perfect.”

Cookie has already made herself at home, sleeping on Alexander’s slippers and enjoying their daily walks before he heads off to work. He’s also pet-proofed the house, tying back cable wires to keep her safe and providing her with a chew toy to divert “that puppy energy,” he said.

And, Cookie’s already met all the extended family dogs and “seems to gets along well with everyone,” said Alexander.

“She’s just a sweet dog.” Cheers to their sweet life together – and to the thousands more dogs who will take that live-saving ride aboard the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ vehicle.

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