Halloween Tips for Cats

While Howl’oween may be the biggest event on the pet calendar, there’s no question that it’s a more of a dogcentric occasion as dogs are more likely to dress up than cats!

Nevertheless, there are some really fun costumes for cats that usually comprise some headgear that fits over the ears, a collar accessory and often something that fastens around their front paws.

Because cats are not very patient and tolerant of playing dress-up, consider such an outfit simply for a fun photograph and remove afterwards.

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of trick-or-treaters, which means your front door is going to be opening and closing a lot, it’s a really good idea to lock up your cats in one room of your home and make it self-contained by placing their food, water and litter box in there. This way you will have peace of mind that they will not be able to escape when your back is turned. Also, other dogs showing up on your doorstep may spook them!

If your cat gets easily stressed, consider placing a calming collar on her a couple of days before Howl’oween, so that it is fully effective when that doorbell starts ringing. Also, consider spraying the room with a Sergeant’s pheromone spray to lower levels of fear in pets.

If you have a black cat and allow her indoor-outdoor access, it’s important to ensure that she’s permanently indoors for the weeks leading up to Halloween. Sadly, there are sadistic cults out there that kidnap black cats and torture them in ghoulish rituals. To further endorse this point, some shelters refuse to adopt out black cats during the entire month of October.

Chocolate and candy is toxic to cats, as well as dogs. Many a curious cat has been know to nose the wrapping off a chocolate and have a nibble. So once again, make sure that you don’t leave candy lying around, especially after the event when children in the household have come home with bags full that will last them for many months to come.

Even if you cat doesn’t really partake in this event the same way as the family dog, she doesn’t have to lose out on treats. Spoil her by buying something different such as freeze-dried chicken or fish. That, for a feline, is a celebration in itself!

-Photo Credit: From flickr by petsadviser.com

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