Happy Halloween from Pet Health Central!

I love all of the awesome pet photos that get posted to our Pet Health Central Facebook Page. It’s one my favorite things about doing social media for a pet care company! Who doesn’t love beautiful pets and their owners who adore them? There’s nothing better, in my book. So…I have the honor of sharing a few of my favorite snapshots from our PHC fan page. These pets are celebrating Halloween in style. Thank you very much for sharing your incredible photos with us!


Cody’s (pictured above) facial expression says it all here. “I would like Halloween better if you all would let me eat the stinkin’ candy, or at least a pumpkin or two! Come on. Just this once?” -Photo by Stephanie Thompson


Rufio (above) loves to dress up! He’s actually a Hallmark star! No complaints from this big ball of love. Happy Halloween, Rufio! We love you! -Photo by Kathryn Dunlap


“Sheltie by Day. Rock Star by night!” This is too awesome not to share! Plus, I love Shelties (and all pets, really). -Photo (above) submitted by Lisa B.


I just can’t stop smiling when I look at this photo. It really makes me happy to see all these guys getting along. -Photo shared by Babs’ owner


I’ve never met Maddi (above), but I know we would be instant friends. Look at that face! And that costume. He’s so educated. Happy Halloween, Maddi! It always great to see and share new photos of you! -Photo by Mar Sension


We all know how popular the moustache accessory is nowadays! Don Kane (above) did it right. You sure are a looker! -Photo submitted by Jennifer M. 

pets3These three pets look like they’re ready for a costume party! I couldn’t resist sharing these guys with you all: Princess Tiara (pictured left to right, clockwise) Tortilla Soup and Flanagan. -Photos shared by Madaly H. and Arran W.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Make it a safe one! Hope to see more of you soon. ~Nichole

-Feature Photo Credit: It’s hard enough to get one dog to look good in a photo (mission impossible). Holly and Cosmo (main image) look like old pros. Two very lovely dogs, if you ask me! -Photo shared by Katie Y.

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