Making Your Home Comfortable For Senior Pets

Our pets are living longer and healthier lives thanks to excellent nutrition, good grooming and state-of-the-art veterinary medicine. November is Senior Pet Month and there is a lot you can do around the home to ensure that your pets are comfortable and enjoying their golden years.

Big dogs that love going places with you in the car will really appreciate a doggie ramp to help them access the vehicle. These ergonomic ramps fold flat and can be placed in the trunk.

Similarly, both dogs of all sizes and cats that are no longer agile enough to jump up on to their favorite sleeping zones will enjoy the independence that an indoor ramp or stairs provides. It’s a good idea to place the steps next to their favorite places like your bed or living room couch. You may need to initially train your pet to use the steps, so entice them up and down with treats!

Exercise is great for pets of all ages. As dogs age they often can’t manage long walks so it’s a good idea to invest in a pet stroller. They come in various sizes for dogs great and small. Now you can walk your dog and when he tires give him a ride home.

Older cats also need exercise as it’s great for their circulation and helps prevent obesity. Engage your elderly cat in games with a wand toy or play short five- to 10-minute games several times throughout the day. You can also place her food bowl at the furthest point from her favorite snooze zone, which will ensure that she walks the walk!

If you think your pet is losing her eyesight, you can help alleviate some of her anxiety by refraining from furniture rearrangement around the home. There is also a product on the market called Tracerz, which are small Velcro tabs infused with essential oils. Placing these tabs throughout the home  creates a scent path for your pets to find their way from room to room.

It’s also important to change your behavior when you approach  your pet. Start talking as you approach, or ring a bell or turn on a flashlight to help get a deaf pet’s attention.

Older cats may have difficulty entering and exiting their litter box if the sides are too high. Consider getting a different box with a low entrance point. Cats often walk in wet litter and it dries between their toes, so check your cat’s feet and remove any stuck litter with a warm cloth.

Dogs and cats want to continue being pampered with grooming as they age. This is particularly true of cats with long hair. Regular brushing will stop fur tangling and matting, which is extremely uncomfortable.

Finally, pets can also benefit from gentle massage to help with their circulation. Pet massage  workshops are available to teach you some basic techniques that you can use on your pets. Alternatively, there are special pet massage therapists who make home visits.

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