Purrfect Presents: 5 Ways to Spoil Your Favorite Feline

There’s no doubt that we love to spoil our pets during the holiday season! There’s no shortage of wonderfully themed holiday merchandise along with many perennial favorites. But let’s be honest, our fur kids don’t exactly understand the holidays. But, we know that gifting them makes us feel good, which strengthens our human-animal bond. There’s no question that life is better with our pets!

Why not get them a few extra goodies this year? I’ve put together a helpful guide that you can take with you while shopping for your beloved furry friends.

Pet toys are divided into three main categories: action, distraction and comfort toys.

In cat terms, interactive toys involve you as a feline playmate. For example, wands with fur or feathers on the end, or fishing rods with a toy dangling at the end of the line, are a cat favorite. These toys are cleverly constructed to hone feline hunting and fishing skills. They should definitely be included on your gift list.

Wands can sport a variety of materials such as a furry tail or a length of stretch fabric that will “jump” when pounced upon and fly off in another direction. There are wands with feathers and bells that simulate a bird in flight and others that combine all these features. When playing together, make sure that you move the wand across and away from yourself to prevent your cat from accidentally clawing you.

Crinkly balls, those with bells or even catnip in them, are also great interactive toys. There is no doubt that cats will play with these on their own!

49777-1 Cat stockingDistraction toys are designed to distract your kitty and keep her busy when she’s home alone. Most easy-to-assemble kitty gyms offer cats a variety of on-tap entertainment and include a selection of items that spin, dangle, whirl and twirl. Some even have tassels with bells and balls. Certain designs are combined with a scratching pad or include toy birds on a spring device that move instantaneously at the touch of a swatting paw.

Comfort toys are soft plush toys that some cats like to carry around and even sleep with. Often toys are filled with catnip in fun shapes and designs. You can stock up on holiday-themed shapes this time of year such as catnip-filled mice or shapes like burlap bags and candy canes.

Apart from toys, beds also make a great gift for your favorite feline. Cats need privacy and a place to snooze. There are a variety of fun shapes and designs available:

  • Cat sacks that they can climb inside
  • Little roofed cat houses
  • A variety of round styles preferred by felines because they like to sleep “in the round”

Cat scratchers also make great gifts because scratching is an innate feline need. Scratchers, especially those made from corrugated cardboard, need to be replaced regularly. There are many fun shapes and styles that will ensure your cat is happy while simultaneously making a stylish accessory in your home.

I hope that these tips help you while shopping for your purrfect feline! Happy Holidays!

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