Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs

Just like the their feline friends, dogs enjoy several types of toys: action, distraction and comfort toys.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune in these categories to ensure that your dog is having fun over the holiday season.

  • Balls make great action gifts. There are so many shapes and sizes. Not to mention the various balls that squeak and make animal noises. You can really amp up the fun by purchasing a ball launcher that will send that ball flying into the air! It will guarantee that your dog gets lots of exercise playing fetch.
  • The best distraction toy is a rubber-shaped receptacle that can be stuffed with peanut butter or treats. On the subject of treats, there is also a fabulous selection of dog puzzles that are designed to get your dog thinking in order to extract the tasty morsels that are a key ingredient in the fun. The puzzles come in different degrees of difficulty to really challenge your pooch!

G002275 Rawhide Chews

  • When it comes to comfort toys, the selection is mind boggling. Comfort toys come extra squishy, super plushy, plush with squeakers and some designs that are even stuffing free! There’s no question that dogs enjoy both (and some enjoy ALL!). They are always well priced this time of year, allowing you to stock up.
  • Tasty dog treats also make great gifts. You know dogs love delicious treats!
  • Big, chewy long-lasting rawhides are great to keep your dog busy when you are partying with your own guests.
  • Canine accessories such as collars and leashes also make great gifts. It’s nice to purchase a few different designs and mix-and-match styles and colors. Be sure to update your identification tags at the same time. Even if you haven’t moved, they can get pretty battered and need replacing from time to time.
  • Other fun fashions to consider include a nice new raincoat or fleecy waterproof jacket, depending where you live. You can also stock up on fun sweaters that sport the latest trendy or holiday-inspired motifs. Boots make great fashion gifts, especially if you live in area where the sidewalks are covered in snow as the salt and chemicals used to melt the build-up is harmful to pet paws.

Whether you buy your pet a new toy or a delightful bag of peanut butter flavored treats, the idea is to include your pet in the holiday festivities any way you can.

Happy Howlidays!

 -Photo Credit: From flickr by Andrewr

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