Proud to be the Newest PHC Blogger!

Hello Pet Health Central! As a huge pet lover, I’m so excited to be a part of such a great blog and blogging family. In fact, my mom always said that I should be a vet, but without an affinity for biology, that dream didn’t pan out. So, I did the next best thing possible and now work in pet care marketing and communications!

During my childhood and adolescence in Toronto, Connecticut and Virginia respectively, my family had a plethora of dogs and cats — half of which we adopted and the other half assumed my family as their own through sheer perseverance.

I was given Abigail, a beautiful tabby, on my 6th birthday from my cat-loving aunt and from there on out I knew that I was passionate about animals.

Chase 2I am currently a fur mom to Chase, a nearly 8-year-old, 100-pound black lab mix who is convinced that he’s a lap dog. I call him my “ dog” because when I was researching available dogs and saw his mug shot with the white star on his chest, I knew immediately that he was mine. Not even a dog throwing up on him before meeting me at PetSmart would deter me from adopting this dog. And, with a preppy name like Chase, I knew that it was meant to be! He truly is my four-legged fur baby.

I adopted Chase from Project Pet, now Pawmetto Lifeline, in Columbia, S.C., while I was in grad school. A car fanatic that gives me a guilt trip any time I go somewhere without him, Chase loved driving home for holidays from South Carolina to the family farm in Charlottesville, Va. Within minutes of being out of the car, Chase was off on his usual mission to find the biggest cow patty to roll in or deer bone chew on and use to play tug with the other dogs.

Now living in Nebraska with my boyfriend, Jordan, aka “doggie step dad,” Chase has a big yard that he uses to run around, play ball, and harass squirrels. I must say that he’s in doggie paradise!

I’m thrilled to be the newest contributor to the Pet Health Central blog. Not too many people can say that they love what they do, but I can resoundingly say that I’m one of the lucky ones!

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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