Summer Finds a New Home in Wisconsin

Editor’s Note: This touching success story was submitted to PetSmart Charities and their Rescue Waggin’ Program. Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is a proud sponsor of this this life-changing program. As a sponsor, Sergeant’s is actively involved in helping the Rescue Waggin’ save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies around the country.

Last fall, a black and white shepherd mix was surrendered with her puppy to the Menifee County Animal Shelter in Frenchburg, Ky. The puppy was adopted quickly, but the mother dog, Summer, languished for several months.

“She was a shy dog that no one wanted,” said Renee Nichols, assistant director of Menifee County Animal Shelter. “She didn’t make a fuss, so she didn’t stand out much to potential adopters.”

In November, Menifee County Animal Shelter decided to board Summer on the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ vehicle, a national transport program that moves adoptable dogs from communities with high pet populations and few adopters to animal shelters elsewhere in the country where adoptable dogs are more in demand. Summer was on her way to the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee to find a new home.

A couple committed to adoption meets its match

In the meantime, Josh Roever of Milwaukee was thinking about adopting a new dog. He and his girlfriend, Emily, each had purebred dogs before they met, but the two were committed to adopting a shelter dog this time around. They found Summer on the Wisconsin Humane Society’s website.

“When we met her, I remember putting my hand on the glass and she just leaned into it,” said Josh. “We both knew she was coming home with us.”

Just a few weeks before Thanksgiving, Josh adopted Summer. The quiet shy girl in the shelter began to show her personality in her new home.

“She runs around with me, cuddles with Emily and is great meeting kids in the neighborhood,” said Josh. “It’s funny that she was thought of as shy in the shelter. She is a very active dog with us.”

Homes for dogs all over the country

What surprised Josh the most though was the work of the Rescue Waggin’ program.

“We were surprised to learn Summer was from an animal shelter in Kentucky,” he said. “I had no idea that there was such a robust program out there that helped animal shelters find homes for dogs and puppies from all over the country.”

With the Rescue Waggin’ program, dogs like Summer get a second chance to find their forever home, wherever those homes may be.

The Rescue Waggin’ Program is proudly sponsored by Sergeant’s Pet Care Products.



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