It’s Time to Answer Your Cat’s Questions

Jan. 22 is the one day a year my cats, Fudge and Ziggy, get to take over this blog on behalf of cats everywhere because it’s national “Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.”

By nature, cats are very curious creatures. So it figures that they would probably have a lot of questions to ask their pet parents.

Fudge and Ziggy: Why do you always go in to the bathroom or the study and close the door on us?

Sandy: Because when you come into the bathroom you head immediately for the toilet paper holder and attempt to set a world record unraveling paper. And in the study, it’s an attempt to keep you away from throwing files onto the floor and sitting in front of the computer screen and blocking it, preventing me from working.

Fudge and Ziggy: But we only do that because you close us out of those rooms. If you gave us free access we wouldn’t bother you — we would just come in and join you. Why don’t you put cat doors into the doors leading into those rooms? That way, the people in the household would know to stay out but we can come and go?

Sandy: Point taken.

Fudge and Ziggy: Why you do insist on keeping the closet doors closed and not allowing us inside? It is such fun to explore the closet and nose our way into the shoeboxes and whatever else is stored in there.

Sandy: That’s the one area of the house that is definitely a no-cat zone simply because you have a habit of pulling the ties off the tie rack or jumping into the shelves of sweaters and leaving your fur everywhere.

Fudge and Ziggy: But what difference does it make? If you sit on a chair that we’ve sat on, you are going to get fur on your clothes. And besides, you are always picking us up for a cuddle and we can’t help it if we leave our fur on you. So why does it matter if you get fur on your clothes when they are in the cupboard or when you’re wearing them? Fur is fur.

Sandy: Point taken …

While I am all for democracy, and that includes cats having their national “Ask a Question Day,” one thing is clear: they are going to win every time. It’s no wonder they say that dogs have masters and cats have staff.

Happy National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Share your cat’s questions with us in the comments below. 

Editor’s Note: Consider giving your cat some extra love and attention today! If your cat could really ask you a few questions, one would probably be: “Why don’t you play with me ever second of the day?” That’s why we recommend using a Zoink! Fun N’ Run Pet Laser. It’s a great way for your pet to exercise while having so much fun chasing the laser. This is a great interactive toy for you and your pet!

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