Love Me, Love My Dog

Valentine’s Day has become a popular holiday on the pet calendar. There is a lot of fun merchandise to celebrate the holiday such as collars, leashes and T-shirts with fun heart-and-love inspired designs to great doggie confectionery. Did you share in the celebration with your pet this year?

A survey conducted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) a few years ago revealed that 34 percent of female dog owners endorsed the statement, “If my dog was a man, he’d be my boyfriend.” An overwhelming majority — nearly 90 percent — agreed that their dog had at least one endearing quality that they’d like to see in their significant other.

Move over Mr. Right and make way for Rover!

So what are the doggy traits that make the women surveyed sigh?

  • Pooches have a perennial good mood. They are always willing to spend time together and always up for a cuddle on the couch. They’re keen to exercise and rarely complain about what is served for dinner. Other key qualities include the fact that dogs don’t talk back and offer unconditional love (along with sloppy drooly kisses!).
  • It’s not just women pining for undying love and a wagging tail. The AKC poll found that men also wish their partners shared some canine qualities. For instance, dogs are as content to hang around at home as to go out on the town, they always offer an enthusiastic welcome home at the end of a long day and they couldn’t care less if there’s always sports on TV.
  • The poll also determined that when it comes to meeting women, 58 percent of men said a puppy is a foolproof babe magnet. Over the years, numerous pet dating sites have sprung up on the Internet and with more than 40 million single pet owners in America, this could be a great way to find a mate. At least you know from the get go that you both love pets!
  • Different dog breeds are also known for particular personality traits. Anyone trying to find the perfect mate by relating the type of dog they have in their lives should take note that German Shepherds, Norwegian Elkhounds, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are considered to be very loyal. Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs have a good sense of humor. Border Collies and Dobermans are the athletes of the dog world. For intelligence, there is nothing like a Wire-Haired Fox Terrier, while Bulldogs and Pomeranians make perfect couch-potato companions.

What do we take away from this interesting survey? Our dogs are amazing! Show your pet you love them each and every day! Consider treating your pet with some delicious PurLuv Sizzlin’ Strips treats to show your admiration and appreciation. And don’t forget to give them some extra cuddle time! Hope you had a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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