Entertaining Guests and Keeping Pets Happy

Despite the term party animals, lots of dogs and cats don’t like raucous get togethers with a lot of what they consider strangers (your friends) invading their space.

One of the biggest problems with entertaining is that doors are left open and are usually not monitored. This means that pets can slip out and run away and by the time you notice their absence, several hours have passed.

It’s a really good idea to lock cats and dogs up in a portion or room of your house away from your guests. Don’t forget to give them food and water bowls. In the case of your dog, take him for a long walk beforehand so he can take a potty break and be sure to place a litter box in the area where your cat is confined.

Some pets get really spooked and anxious when there is a lot of unusual activity in the home. Even moving furniture around to perhaps create space to dance can upset them.

If your pet is particularly anxious, its really good idea to put on a calming collar such as the ones made by SENTRY to help keep them calm and more relaxed.

The Sentry Calming Collar features good behavior pheromone technology and last up to 30 days. Pheromones are a substance that mother dogs and cats produce to calm their young. They help alleviate stress-induced behaviors such as pet/owner separation, inappropriate marking, chewing and destructive behaviors. They also work to curb other antisocial behaviors that can occur while you have them separated in another part of the home. Sentry also makes a pheromone spray that can be used to spray the room that you plan to keep your pets during the duration of your party.

Whenever you entertain, it’s a good idea to ensure that your pets are wearing ID tags on their collars and that their information is up to date. It’s just another layer to peace of mind because even with the best intentions, anxious pets can escape. Proper identification is a lost pet’s ticket home.

Another thing to be mindful of is that once your guests have left and you let your pets out and start cleaning up, be sure they don’t get into the kitchen when your back is turned and help themselves to leftovers. This could be bones on dinner plates or the remainder of food that you haven’t yet packed away. Bones are an obvious danger. But certain foods and candies are toxic to pets such as grapes and that box of chocolates that a friend brought as a hostess gift.

You may have guests stay over. If so, be sure that your pets are comfortable around them and continue to monitor doors. People who are not used to having pets around are not attuned to monitoring open doors like pet parents. A gentle reminder to your houseguests can do no harm. For extra peace of mind, put a little note on all doors that lead outdoors.

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