Spring is Beautiful…Except for This ONE Thing

In general, I am a big spring fan. It gets all warm and stuff and you are no longer required to wear 17 layers of down to keep your protruding bits from freezing off, which is a plus. You can fly kites, plant a garden, go outdoors. You can emerge from your cozy winter cocoon and start poking your head from the ground (if you are a tulip) or playing outside (if you are a child, frog or small dog).

Sounds great — right? But, sadly, there’s a dark side to spring. I hate to ruin your lush green dreams of little juicy bamboo shoots pushing up through fertile loam, but something else decides that the warmer weather is the perfect time to emerge. Can you guess what it is yet?

Fleas and ticks.

I know, right? Yucky ptooey.

And they’re sneaky about it, too. Ticks sit on a branch, waiting for your dog’s unsuspecting backside to saunter by and then — cowabunga! — they drop onto your dog’s back and start slurping away. It’s a process called questing and it just makes ticks seem that much more disgusting than they already are. I mean — waiting for us? Is this some sort of arthropod sequel to Hannibal? I love nature, but whoever designed soft little lambs and pretty little sunflowers and stuff was not on duty when the day came around to make ticks.

Fleas are arguably even worse. Here’s my fave flea-related quote from the World Health Organization:

“People moving into a vacant house can cause many fleas to emerge simultaneously from the cocoons and attack people or animals in large numbers.”

Nope! I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway.

Luckily, science had bestowed upon us the antidote for fleas and ticks in the form of Sentry Fiproguard Plus IGR. Seriously, this stuff is like kryptonite for the creepy crawlies. One simple monthly application on your dog or cat’s back and fleas and ticks will wish that spring had never sprung. It’s like a tiny little stake right through the heart of those wee six-legged vampires. Questing, indeed. Questing for a final resting place is more like it!

So don’t worry about fleas and ticks this spring — open a tiny little tube of SENTRY Fiproguard and let your pets enjoy a flea- and tick-free spring. I’ll start working on the tiny headstones and eulogies for all the dead fleas and ticks — you go plant a garden or walk your dog or something. I got this.

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