Hug Your Cat Day

As I have said before, I believe that every day should be Hug Your Cat Day. There is no better way to enhance your bond with your special kitty than showing her some hands-on affection.

Having said that, there are other ways to “hug” her, too. And that is by spoiling her with gifts. So now is the time to go shopping because National Hug Your Cat Day is celebrated on June 4 this year.

So here are some ideas to show her some extra affection.

Buy her a packet of favorite treats such as Pit’r Pat Cat Breath Treats for Cats. Not only will they help remove plaque and food debris without brushing, but they will ensure she doesn’t have “tuna breath” when you get up close to her!

Actually it’s very easy to train cats to sit on command for treats. And teaching your cat to sit is a simple way to really enhance your bond and earn her lots of praise as well as extra hugs.

Simply hold the treat above her nose; slightly back so that she is forced to sit in order to reach it. Keep using the word “sit.” And when she does, give her the treat along with lots of extra praise.

Cats love toys as much as dogs do and it’s a great way to keep felines mentally engaged and prevent boredom, especially when they are home alone. So consider splurging and buying her a new toy. It can be anything from a battery-operated mouse on a track, to a puzzle toy in which you can hide some of her favorite treats or something with catnip. Most cats react to catnip.

Reassess your cat’s condo. If it’s looking tatty, its time for a new one made from natural materials such as real wood, sisal and jute. Place it near a window or door so that you cat has a nice view of the garden or the street so that she can watch the passing parade, whether it’s people and cars or butterflies and birds.

And finally, as much as cats love to sleep on the bed or your favorite couch, there are times when they like the privacy of their own bed. There are lots of fabulous inexpensive cat beds that you can purchase and place in the general family room that will not only match the interior design of the room, but will give her a nice place to nap still knowing you are close by.

This year, Ziggy and Fudge are getting treats from everyone in our family — and lots of hugs. How do plan to spoil your cats ?

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