June 20 – Take Your Dog to Work Day!

It’s easy for those of us who work at Sergeant’s to get excited about Fridays. After all, for us, every Friday is “Pet Friday” and we get to bring our beloved animal companions with us to the office. While most visitors are dogs, we’ve also hosted cats, rats and rabbits. It’s always fun and we love posting pictures on our Facebook page.

But, if you don’t ordinarily get to take your dog to work, now is the chance. This year marks the 16th anniversary of “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Founded by the folks of Pet Sitters International, the event celebrates the companionship of our canine friends and encourages the adoption of shelter dogs.

Cat lovers (or rabbit, ferret, rat or assorted-other pet owners) need not be left out — the whole WEEK leading up to Take Your Dog to Work Day is Take Your Pet to Work Week! What fun!

The website www.takeyourdog.com has lots of great tips for you if you plan to participate and it also provides a downloadable “action pack” to help you convince your employer to participate.  If you get the green light, there are even 10 fun ways to participate ranging from pet adoptions to photo sessions.

At Sergeant’s, we’ve recognized for years that these special Fridays allow us to spend more time with our pets and share the fun with our co-workers. It’s not unusual for fellow employees to make a circuit of the building to visit everyone who has brought in a pet. The dogs feel like rock stars and generally get spoiled rotten with treats (no surprise, we have just a few around here!) and lots of love.

Speaking from experience, here are a few tips to make the day easier for everyone:

  1. Make sure your pet has been properly vaccinated before bringing them to the office.
  2. Even the best behaved dogs get excited at new places: bring your pet in and out of the office on a leash (or in a pet carrier) and be sure your pet is wearing his/her identification tags.
  3. Bring along your pet’s water dish. Greeting visitors is thirsty work! And think about bringing along a small portion of their food or having snacks, like delicious PurLuv treats, on hand (your pet will appreciate a treat from co-workers!)
  4. Just as you and I need bathroom breaks during the day, so, too, will your pet. If you have a dog, bring along bags to clean up any messes and dispose of them in an outdoor trash receptacle.
  5. Be prepared: Sometimes, it’s just too exciting. If messes happen indoors, have SENTRY Clean-up products on hand.

If your dog regularly visits the office, perhaps you have some other tips. Feel free to share them with our readers! We hope you all enjoy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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