Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

As far as I am concerned, every month should be Adopt A Shelter Cat month. However, June is the month designated on the cat calendar. The premise of this month is to bring awareness to shelter pets, many of which land up in shelters because of the carelessness and selfishness of humans.

One of the biggest myths about shelter pets is that there is something wrong with them.

So I am dedicating this blog to all those cats, both young and old, in shelters. The only thing wrong is something we can make right — and that’s giving them a loving forever home.

We adopted Ziggy from a shelter when he was only eight weeks old. The shelter volunteers were so patient and caring and went to great lengths to help us find the right kitten to become out newest family member.

I believe that you don’t adopt a cat but that the cat adopts you! And this is precisely what happened with Ziggy. When they brought him into the hospitality room he bounced up to my son and began to purr loudly. It was love at first sight and he has been an amazing friend and companion to Fudge whom absolutely adores him. In fact, she washes him so much that she gets hairballs of his fur!

If you already have pets in the household, it’s really important to take them into consideration when adopting. They have to live together and so you really have to take personalities into account and do proper controlled introductions. It’s never simply a matter to putting them together and letting them sort it out — that is one of the reasons pets end up back in shelters!

If you have no pets in the household and are considering adopting, then you truly have the pick of the shelter.

Shelter volunteers these days try and encourage adopters to take two cats if they can afford it so that they have each other for companionship, which is really important. Cats aren’t supposed to sleep on the couch all day. A friend means they will play and interact and hone their innate feline instincts and still make great companions for the humans in the household.

Again, if you have no pets and are considering adopting, give some thought to adopting an adult cat. Very often they are overlooked in favor of kittens. Older cats already have personalities that you can appreciate from the get-go. They are less likely to be destructive in naughty play because they have outgrown the kitten crazies!

Don’t let age get in the way. Cats are the most wonderful, caring companions and you will get your kindness back in leaps and bounds.

Editor’s Note: One of the main reason people bring their pet to a shelter is because of behavior problems. But don’t worry! SENTRY brings solutions to some of the toughest behaviors. Problems like inappropriate marking, scratching, digging and even separation anxiety can be reduced and eliminated using these pheromones – chemicals that animals naturally produce and use to communicate information to each other. Give good behavior pheromone products like SENTRY Stop That! Noise and Pheromone Spray a try!


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