Fourth of July Fears? We Can Help!

The first thing I think about when the Fourth of July comes around is not the exciting BBQs or beautiful fireworks lighting up the sky, it’s my old dog, Chief. Excited is not a word I would use when describing his reaction to the loud noises and bright holiday lights that inevitably last until 3 a.m. in our neighborhood. Let’s just say it was always a loooooooong holiday.

Do you have the same problem? Is your pet afraid of bright lights and banging fireworks? If so, continue reading. We’ve got a solution for you!

Three words of advice: SENTRY Calming Products. You can even click on the link to find our more about these fascinating pet products. Have you tried them yet?

When I started working for Sergeant’s these products were just being put on the shelves at pet specialty stores nationwide. I jumped at the opportunity to try it with Chief and had a lot of luck.

We put the SENTRY Calming Collar on him about a week before the real excitement started. It always begins early in our neck of the woods. I’m sure you can relate. We also bought the SENTRY Calming Spray for his kennel and other areas of the home we knew he’d be roaming. We sprayed it a couple of times before the actual holiday, then a few more times throughout the day on Independence Day. The smell is pretty pleasant, actually.

Our other dog, Shay, is not a nervous or sensitive pet. She stealthily walked around observing what we were doing — probably thinking we are insane catering to Chief’s every need. But who wants a miserable dog they love barking, pottying and crying around the house when everyone should be celebrating? We had to do something.

Guess what? It worked! There was a significant improvement the first year we used the products. The next year was even better.

If you have a nervous pet, give these natural products a try. It could save you a lot of miserable hours. Dogs are amazing creatures and they trust us to take care of them. When cuddling and treating doesn’t calm them down, try something that is scientifically proven to improve pet behavior.

Please share your interesting pet-related Fourth of July stories with us in the comments below. Have a wonderful and less-stressful holiday!

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