Megan Blake and Super Smiley Join Sergeant’s!

Megan Blake and Super Smiley Join Sergeant’s and Pet Health Central Blog!

What happens when you are a little kid and you fall in love with every animal you see? You want to pet them, get as close as you can and live with them forever. Then… real life takes hold. You go to college at Georgia Tech, study constantly to graduate Magna Cum Laude, win the Miss Georgia Pageant, work in the media, write speeches for the Governor, land acting roles in Hollywood… Then, one day, you (this “you” is me by the way) realize that it all can work together — with my first love — animals!

Right after this epiphany, I became the host and resident pet expert on the PBS series, “Animal Attractions TV,” which became the longest-running #1 pet series on PBS and won an Emmy and an Honorary Mention at the Genesis Awards! Way cool! It was clear that with my band of rescued animals (my “Malibu Rescue Crew”), we would do whatever we could to spread positive messaging about the adventures pets bring, the human/animal bond, the happy chemicals they deliver… If it helps integrate pets into lives, we’ll share it!

In the Tea Party photo here, that’s my real backyard and these are my real animals. Starfire, to me, is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. We first met when he “called me over ” to his stall. He’s a purebred Arabian with world champions on both sides of his bloodline. The part I couldn’t see is that, at only 3 years old, he had been made dangerous from abuse and was being taken to slaughter the next day. He’s truly one of the loves of my life and has graced my backyard for more than 15 years. His little companion there is Mini HaHa, who is indeed a miniature horse. Not a pony! Angel is our beautiful German Shepherd who was abandoned four times, the first time in the desert. Tout Suite The Travel Kitty traveled more than 130,000 miles with me and helped co-host Animal Attractions TV!

Super Smiley, my co-blogger, is a force of nature — Therapy Dog, Animal Assisted Crisis Response Dog, The National Spokes-Dog for the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, founder of his National Flash Mob for Pet Adoption and Kindness…. Yep, there’s more, a lot more…. That’s why he’s joining me here to tell it like it is the way a dog sees it:

Super Smiley here! I was thrown away two times! The city of Los Angeles Shelters took really good care of me until I met my forever person. I knew her at first sight and remember that very moment. It was loud. The other dogs were barking and howling and the big springy dogs were jumping and bouncing from wall to wall. But I sat still. I’ve always been able to be calm and still. I saw her walking down the hall. I looked right in her eyes and thought real hard. She saw me, came close, and said, “Are you my dog?” I said “ yes.”

I know animals are healers and teachers and that we can lead people on amazing Adventures and journeys of inner discovery. I showed Megan I was a Therapy Dog, so she helped me qualify with Pet Partners. Then we qualified as a HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response team. Angel, who is beeeeautiful, had been going with Megan to Red Carpet events. Angel is so gentle and regal. And… when Megan let me join them on the Red Carpet, I stood right in front. I flashed the Super-est Super Smile and people came up to me and they pet Me and wanted to know about Meee, so I became her Spokes-Dog. Angel’s fine with it.

So as Megan was training me for certifications, she earned her CCPDT-KA. That’s the Certification for Professional Dog Trainers! 4 Paws Up!

Together we created The Super Smiley® Flash Mob 4 Pet Adoption! We’ve danced with the New York City Mayor’s Alliance for Pets, we opened the musical “Hairspray” with the cast, and we shimmied with the Southern California Belly Dancers! Our flash mob videos were invited into film festivals and now our Dogumentaries are winning festivals across the country! The Animal Film Festival named me Ambassador of Kindness! And… I created the Super Smiley Kindness Program for boys and girls clubs! Soooo much to do!

We highlight every adventure we find on our radio show on Pet Life Radio, the largest pet radio network in the world! Our guests include pet loving Academy Award winners, way-cool kid actors, like Max Charles from “Spiderman,” and CEOs from the top animal advocacy organizations in the world! All to show how great we pets are and how people can get along with us even better! Megan is The Pet Lifestyle Coach®!

Sergeant’s has been around a long time with a great history. Megan and I are Super Smilin’ to be on board and to meet every one of you here as we bring you adventures, great info and pet tips. So, until next time, from Megan, me and Sergeant’s: Woof and Super Smiles!

Megan Blake and Super Smiley




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