Training Therapy Pet: Part 2

It’s been a few weeks, so I thought I would update you on the progress with our future therapy dogs. We went through hundreds of names before we managed to agree on two. We named our new girls Shelby and Bailey.

At first, it was like having a couple of newborn babies waking up a couple of times a night. Fortunately, they started sleeping through the night when they were a little over 9 weeks old. Just like human babies, they seem to eat and pee most of the time.

Housebreaking has been a bit of a chore, especially when we don’t catch who did it to scold.  Thank goodness I invested in a carpet cleaner and got some of SENTRY Clean Up products! These products and their fresh scents are keeping my house from turning into a smelly outhouse. The puppies are starting to go to the door and whine to go out. We’ll start working on ringing a bell hanging on the door soon.

We had a few friends stop by and meet the girls and I’m happy to report they have been very friendly toward new people. They have gone to them eagerly and not shied away (except for when they were too interested in playing with their toys!)

I have started working with them to sit, “give me five” and even starting brushing their teeth. The dogs love that SENTRY Petrodex peanut flavored toothpaste! They still have their razor sharp puppy teeth, but I want to get them used to brushing early. I need to get going with them on a leash, but it’s tough when they don’t get to go places until they have their last round of puppy shots. I’m really cautious about this since there are so many things they could catch from other dogs at this age before they have all their vaccinations to protect them. A trip to the store will be a real treat!

Another thing our vet recommended was to handle their feet a LOT. This will help with wiping those wet and muddy feet when they come inside. It will also make a huge difference when trimming their nails.  And right now, those puppy nails are just as sharp as those teeth!

A couple of baby gates have helped us confine them to areas of the house so we can keep better track of where they are and what they’re doing. They have gotten to explore the rest of the house and are anxious to get in their kennel in the morning when I need to leave. It’s really helped to have a filled toy or some treats to give them when they go in. These little girls are very food motivated, just like Bo, so they are always willing to show up if they have a chance of getting something to eat.

They are a LOT of work, but we’re having so much fun with them too. I just wish they weren’t growing up quite so fast! It’s been fun having them take a nap on our laps and watch them experience the world at home. Their reactions have been really entertaining!

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