Ask a Vet Your Pet Health Questions on Facebook! #ASKAVET

Where do you go for information about your pets? Online? The vet’s office?

While both can at times be great sources of information, the internet is chock-full of misinformation (some of which can be downright dangerous to your pet) and many websites offer “information” that’s just a thin veneer for a sales pitch. And while veterinarians are a valuable and trusted source of good animal information, many are too busy caring for sick animals to answer some of the more routine animal health questions right when you need it.

Last month I had the pleasure of entertaining pet-owner questions for PHC during a Facebook #ASKAVET event. We had a great turnout, with dozens of pet-related questions spanning the spectrum from the silly to the serious. I really enjoyed helping people with their pet issues and getting to know the PHC fan base a little better. I had great backup and help from the good folks at Sergeant’s who streamed me questions just as fast as I was able to answer them.

My PHC colleague and fellow blogger Dr. Rod also participated in an #ASKAVET event on June 26.

As a pet owner, I know that you have lots of questions about how to keep your pet healthy and active, and this is the perfect place to get the right answers to your important questions. Don’t rely on outdated and potentially dangerously incorrect online information from untrusted sources or wait for your vet to return a phone call — come to the next PHC #ASKAVET event and get your knowledge from trained and trusted veterinarians who can help you right away.

I hope you’ll be able to join me on July 17th at 1 p.m. EST for the next session. Bring your questions and comments and come by to learn something new about pet health!

Tony July 17


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