Embracing the Human-Animal Bond

As an animal lover and pet parent to two dogs, I can confidently say that my fur babies have a positive impact on my health. The bond that we have is strong. We walk and run together, they actively and empathetically listen to the rundown of my day and they make me laugh. All in all, my dogs lift my spirit and enrich my life.

Did you know that there’s scientific research out there that reinforces the beneficial effects of the human-animal bond? And did you know that there’s a nonprofit that wants to share this research? It’s called the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation, or HABRI. HABRI shares and promotes this scientific research to raise public awareness of evidence-based health impacts and help drive policy decisions that will continue to improve both human and animal health.

Research into the human-animal bond has shown that pets have a significant and positive effect on the health of humans across many areas. These areas include some of the top health issues that we face today including:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Immunity against childhood allergies
  • Depression
  • Cancer

HABRI was founded in 2010 by the American Pet Products Association, Petco Animal Supplies and Zoetis (formerly the animal health business of Pfizer). These founding sponsors came together with a one specific mission in mind: to support research, education, awareness, advocacy and commitment to the positive impact the human-animal bond has on the integrated health of families and communities everywhere.

As a company, Sergeant’s mission is to provide innovative, quality and affordable pet care products that enrich the human-animal bond and the lives of pets — a parallel belief to HABRI. I’m proud to say that Sergeant’s has been a HABRI Steering Committee Member since the organization’s inception.

Together, Sergeant’s and HABRI are spreading the word that pets make our lives better. But I’m sure that as animal lovers, you already know that first hand!

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