10 Reasons to Love a Mutt

Let’s be honest. There are many reasons to love a mutt. We originally came up with 80, but thought that was a bit much. Our pets make our lives whole whether they are pure bred, mixed bred or just wonderful bred! When considering adoption or just appreciating the beautiful pets you already have, take a moment to think about what makes your sweetheart special. I bet you could come up with 80 10 reasons, too.

Happy National Mutt Day!

  1. Mutts are unique.dog

  2. They are beautiful.rocky-6

  1. You might be saving a life.936507_614134688649593_1523579890_n

  2. You could learn a lot from them.1557627176_a7116e59e0_z

  1. You’ll feel good about yourself.Welcome Dog

  2. They have a story to tell.Punkin

  1. It could make for a fun guessing game.Bindi Sue. by Tammy Cugliari

  2. Mutts bring contagious happiness.Madison and Carly by Maryanne McGettigan

  1. They are awesome! shauna-zoey1

  2. Love is pure and kind and nonjudgmental.SONY DSC

What else would you add to this list? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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