Training a Therapy Dog

Shelby pool 6-6-14Those razor sharp puppy teeth have come out and teething is over! I felt bad for Shelby and Bailey since I could see that they were having some discomfort and a tougher time chewing some things waiting for those permanent teeth to come through.

One product I found that helped is Sergeant’s Puppy Teething Bones. They are a bone shape with a curve and are pretty hard. They are edible, but it took them an hour or so to get through one. The girls really enjoyed the flavor and bit down HARD on these instead of me, our furniture or other things they should not chew! The bones come in a three pack, so I started by buying two packs as I have two puppies.

Bailey was having trouble figuring out how to hold hers, so being the mom to spoil her, I got her up on my lap and held it for her as she chewed it the first time. Shelby was more independent and just laid on the dog bed chewing hers.

Potty training was a bit of a chore until we figured out each puppy’s signals and now we rarely have an accident. These Sergeant’s products really came in handy! Bailey has also figured out to hit the bell hanging on the door when she wants to go outside! Unfortunately, Shelby figures that it’s better to just come throw herself at us!

It’s amazing how two puppies from the same litter can be completely different: different coats, body builds, personalities, fears, eating habits, etc. They are both very food motivated and just a simple “How about a cookie?” will get them to come running. It can be challenging to find things to keep them occupied and out of mischief.

Since the summer temperatures are here, we pulled out the plastic kiddie pool and filled it with water for some fun. As soon as they figured out what it was, they went crazy in it. We started by tossing ice cubes in the water since they LOVE their ice cubes! Bailey was puzzled putting her face in the water to get them, but quickly figured out how to blow bubbles! Now they both enjoy blowing bubbles. The problem is that Shelby feels the need to do this in the inside water dish now too! They really enjoy playing in the pool, biting at the water and splashing around. It has turned out to be some really cheap entertainment!

Shelby has been doing pretty well at walking nicely on a leash. Bailey is so interested in checking out the world that she is not listening very well yet. We continue to take them out for socialization and practice. Shelby doesn’t like loud noises, so Bailey came with me to go check out a car show last weekend. She did very well at going up to many of the people and enjoyed the attention. Bailey did not have any issues when they had their loudest engine contest as she just looked that direction like “Hmmm…..what’s that?” She even got to meet an 8-month-old Great Dane puppy, but wasn’t interested in playing as he was already close to three times as tall as her. Bailey did find it a really exhausting afternoon, so she took a long nap on the way home and more that evening.

It’s tough seeing them grow up so fast, but they have been so loving and entertaining. Bo and Blizz are still waiting for them to either leave or grow out of their super energetic puppy stage. Blizzard still has to bark and tell them that they are having WAY too much fun! She has always been our fun police.

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