To Walk or Not to Walk?

According to famous English satirist Noel Coward, “It’s only mad dogs and Englishmen that go out in the midday sun!”

In many parts of the country, the heat of midday sun can indeed be brutal. And, in fact, it can be very dangerous to venture outside during peak sun times with your dog.

Dogs should be walked several times a day for both your pooch’s mental (all that sniffing of pee-mail on poles as well as of general surrounds) and physical well-being.

In the hot summer months it’s a good idea to schedule walks in the early morning and again in the late afternoon/early evening when the sidewalks are cooler. There’s another advantage to walking your dog early in the morning because good exercise means he will be only too happy to have a snooze when you go off to work and will be less anxious when you leave. The same applies in the evening. A nice long walk before his dinner will make him hungry and then, after his meal, he will again be happy to lie and snooze close to his favorite family members.

Dog Proofing Your HomeWhen the asphalt or even the sand at the beach is so hot that you can fry an egg, it is also burning your dog’s paw pads. Be sure to check his feet every time you go for a walk. There are great paw creams to prevent his pads from cracking as well. Ergonomic booties are not a gimmick; they are a great idea to protect your dog’s feet not only from the heat emanating from the ground but also to protect him from stepping on any broken glass and other detritus.

These days, many malls throughout America are pet friendly. Consider taking your dog to an air conditioned mall for walks. This way you both remain cool — and you can window-shop, too.

It’s a good idea to keep your dog on a shorter leash — especially if you are walking in a mall. Save long retractable leashes for outdoor adventures.

It’s also important to remember to check that your dog’s ID tag is intact on his collar every time you venture out the front door. Sergeant’s has a lovely range of fun nylon collars that will make a nice fashion statement apart from being practical. Team it up with a matching leash. And always remember to take water with you for the both of you. It’s very easy to dehydrate in hot weather.


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