10 Easy Ways to Spoil Your Dog!

Super Smiley here! I’m going first on this one because this Sunday, Aug. 10, is National Spoil Your Dog Day!!!!

1. I love massages! And, like people, we dogs have relaxation trigger points that can help us relax! Try massaging with the tips of your fingers in slow circular motions just behind your dog’s ears. Then move the massage to the top of the neck just below the skull ridge at back of the head. Now move your fingertips straight down the midline between the ears from the front of the head towards the back. He’ll be smilin’!

2. Have the most fun training session in the world! Do this in the house to avoid distractions. Put your dog in a sit — stay, then go hide and call your dog, “Smiley Come!!!” This is the most fun in the whole world! I get sooo excited looking behind doors, in the bathtub, in the closet… When I find Megan, I get rewarded with a yummy treat like Pur Luv Chewy Bites Peanut Butter! Repeat!

3.  Sing a song with your dog’s name in it! Make it up! It’s all about the energy and the dancing. Yep, dance with your dog to her song! “I’m Smiley The Dog…”

4. Baby pool! You know those plastic baby pools? Splashing around with your dog is super fun in the heat, but here’s the best part — bobbing for hot dogs! Yep, little pieces of hot dogs will float, and your dog can bob for treats!

5. Lie on the floor with your dog! So simple, but if you lie there we can lick your face all we want. And usually the person starts laughing and that makes it even more fun! It’s all about the fun!

Megan here, and I don’t know how I can top Super Smiley’s top five, but here goes:

6. Homemade dinner casserole! Ingredients: ground beef or liver, rice, broccoli and carrots. Brown the meat in a skillet; cook the rice per the directions; and steam the carrots and broccoli. Mix the cooked ingredients together; put the mix in a covered casserole and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Make sure it’s cool enough so as to not to burn his mouth and serve it up! Even though your dog will want to gulp the entire casserole, only give one small serving at a time. Think in terms of the small portions served at human spas.

7. Aromatherapy. On his blanket, pillow or bedding, drip a few drops of natural lavender extract. This scent has a calming effect on dogs just as it does with people. Another aromatherapy choice to heighten the spa experience is with SENTRY Calming Collars which mimic a pheromone like a mother dog’s calming scent for her puppies.

8. Pamper your pooch with a bath massage. This is a perfect time to make use of those magic massage techniques Super Smiley shared. Here your fingers are not just for scrubbing but turning a bath into a full body massage! Move your fingers in circular motions focusing on the muscular parts. Use warm water and a gentle spray nozzle. Try this with SENTRY Grooming Shampoo, keeping it pure and gentle with no dyes or fragrances. Even dogs who don’t naturally dive into the bath may fall in love with this special spa treatment.

9. Another uber fun bonding/training game is “Search and Rescue” the toy! Rub the toy (or a treat) between your hands so they smell like the object to be “Rescued.” Let your dog see you “hide” the toy in an easy place like under the edge of a sofa cushion. Tell him to wait, let him smell your hands, then say “Find it!” At first, help him find the toy so he learns the cue words. Gradually make the hiding place harder and harder, so he has to “Search” for the toy! Use high energy to make it oh so exciting! Sergeant’s Zoink! Throw ‘n Glow Toy is perfect for this!

10. Gift your dog a dedicated digging spot in the shade! Find a spot in the shade like under a tree and dig a little hole. Invite your dog to dig there, and only there. Now just sit and enjoy the cool Earth together. There’s nothing like a little real dog time on Spoil your Dog Day!


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