Grooming at Home 101

All dogs need grooming. Some of course, more than others, depending on their coat type. And even if your dog has a standing appointment at the groomer, it’s necessary to bring out the grooming toolbox at home in between salon visits.

I have never considered grooming a chore because it’s a great way to spend quality time with your pet. Besides, all dogs love the hands-on attention.

It can take time for your dog to have the patience to relax while you brush and comb his fur, clean his teeth and attend to his nails. The sooner you establish a routine when your pooch becomes a member of your family, the better.

Often it’s a good idea to let your dog dictate where he would like to be groomed. Little dogs may be most comfortable on your lap while you are watching TV. Bigger dogs may prefer to be outside on the lawn. If they are relaxed in a favorite place, they are more likely to let you groom them and get the job done efficiently.

Set up a grooming calendar in order to keep track of your dog’s grooming schedule.

  • Dogs with smooth, short coats need only to be brushed once a week.
  • Dogs with short, dense fur that’s prone to matting need to be brushed every few days.
  • Dogs with long, silky hair require daily attention.

Sergeant’s makes great toolbox basics such as the Fur So Fresh Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush. It has a new push-button feature that easily allows for hair removal from the brush. The Fur So Fresh Two-Sided Pin/Bristle Brush is designed to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. This brush is stacked with stainless steel pins and the large surface will remove hair in a shorter amount of time.

Apart from brushing and combing, teeth cleaning and nail trims, be sure you include ear cleaning and regular baths.

Sergeant’s makes a selection of shampoos in their Fur So Fresh range including a medicated shampoo with tea tree oil to relieve itching. The deep-cleansing formula also deodorizes, keeping your pet’s fur smelling fresh longer. The oatmeal formula is a good all rounder for many skin and fur types as it has soothing and anti-itch properties. It’s also great for moisturizing and conditioning dry skin.

Don’t forget to reapply flea and tick topical treatments as directed. And always end a grooming session on a high note — with a treat! Save a special treat that you only dispense for grooming sessions so that your dog will associate grooming with a very welcome reward. Something like Canine Prime Chicken Wraps, all-natural chicken wrapped around a banana, is bound to be a winner!

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