The Dog Days of Summer: Back to School Separation Part I

Super Smiley here! We dogs love our people and our routines! It’s part of our make up — of who we are. You know how we look at you exactly when it’s time for dinner. Or when we wake you up just before that buzzy goes off in the morning. Well, what happens to us when our routine all changes … in one day?? Like when the kids go back to school.

Some of us dogs may take naps all day and are just fine, but when schedules change, some of us may go from antsy to acting out, or as it has been described — destructive. What can you do to help us?

Heed off boredom before it starts or we dogs will entertain ourselves. This may mean chewing furniture, rearranging the plants or eating what’s in the laundry hamper.

  • Give us a good exercise activity to tire us out a little before everyone leaves for the day: like a quick 10-minute walk, a great game of fetch, or a new activity that will make us think — like five minutes on our homemade agility course! 3.-Back-to-school-agility-photo-credit-Megan-Blake_RESIZED
  • When we dogs train and use our minds, this tires us out too. After just a little training and exercise, many of us will be ready to settle down with a nap. A new activity like a simple home-made agility course can do the trick! The course can be as simple as a low table to jump up onto and do a perfect sit followed by a large box to run through like a tunnel. Take us to an agility class to get some ideas, and then make a course with your kids! Maybe the project could even turn into a Pawsome school report or presentation!
  • We love being with our people! When you leave, does your dog look at you like, “Now, what am I going to do?” Here’s something that will get and keep his attention: toys can be filled with treats, and your dog will be spendin’ time havin’  fun digging them out!
  • We dogs like stimulation! We smell things and hear things humans don’t! When your dog is left alone, does it seem like he becomes bored with his toy and goes after everything else, like your laundry or flowers? Try rotating his toys. Leave him two one day and two different ones another day. I love the Swerve ‘N  Curve Ball and Crazy Beaks Glow Toy!

The bottom line from where I see it is we dogs are active, curious creatures with great noses and ears; and we need to be entertained and feel safe! I know these tips will help, because I love ‘em! And Megan will be posting more tips in a few days, so that if your house is empty for a while, we dogs can still be relaxed, happy and enjoy being a dog! 

Until next time, Woof and Super Smiles from Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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