Five Ways to Make Your Cat Feel at Home

All domestic pets need their own private space — and that includes your hamster in terms of placing a special critter igloo placed in its cage so that it can sleep peacefully during the day.

Cats in particular are actually very easy to make feel comfortable and at home in your environment.

Here are five ways to make your feline think you are the best pet parent ever!

  1. A tall cat condo. Cats love vertical space that gives them somewhere high up to sit and look down on everyone and the general activity in the household. The advantage of a tall kitty condo is that they work well even in a restricted space because they don’t have a very big footprint in terms of ground space. The ideal condo will provide some privacy, a place to hide and snooze, the look-out zone, a vertical and possible horizontal area to scratch because it’s an innate feline trait and, of course, some toys to bat about. These can either be placed on the condo or attached.
  2. Scratch post or pad. Scratching is part of a cat’s basic make up. They scratch for various reasons such as to relieve stress, exercise their toes, to shed nail sheaths and to claim territory. Determine whether your cat is a vertical or horizontal scratcher and then provide a scratcher best suited to her needs. In terms of a scratching post, make sure it’s nice and tall. Horizontal scratchers need to be a reasonable size for a cat to sit on it and scratch, too.
  3. Fun and games. Engage your kitty in pounce and play games. It will keep her well exercised and control her weight and it also provides lots of mental and physical stimulation. Wand toys and lasers are great for such interaction. So stock up!
  4. Get your groom on. Despite being efficient self cleaners, cats need a little help with their grooming routine to ensure they don’t ingest too much loose hair, which causes hairballs, and in keeping their nails trimmed. Grooming your cat is also a great way to spend quality time with your favorite feline.
  5. Feline entertainment. Cats are not couch potatoes and not supposed to sleep on the couch all day. They will enjoy the mental stimulation of watching TV — especially sporting events that offer lots of movement. And of course animal shows! You can also purchase special feline DVDs that can run on a continuous basis. Feed into the feline curiosity trait by giving them a window seat to watch the world outside whether it’s the garden or a street view. Finally, consider moving your tall kitty condo to a location that offer such visual stimulation.

What do you do to help make your cat feel at home?


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