5 Reasons to Adopt a Dog or Cat Plus Super Smiley’s Top 5!

All of my animals are adopted. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I can think of endless reasons to adopt a dog or cat, but here are my quick top five:

  1. Adopting a pet saves several lives! Approximately 2.7 million adoptable pets are euthanized in shelters each year because no one comes to take them home, and there just isn’t room to keep them all. When you adopt, you save your new pet’s life and, you make room for another pet to stay a little longer so they can find their forever family, too.
  2. When you go to a shelter, you’ll get a varied selection! All kinds of dogs and cats are there — young, old, big, small. You can get the hands-on experience of feeling different energies see which one is your perfect fit!
  3. Adopted pets are typically already spayed or neutered, up to date on their shots and are screened for health and behavioral issues. Whereas if you purchase a pet, they aren’t necessarily vaccinated or spayed or neutered; they may be ill from being raised in unsanitary circumstances; and they may be maladjusted from being raised in cages or from being taken away from their litter too soon.
  4. Adoption is less expensive than purchasing a pet and since the vaccinations are either done or underway, and spaying and neutering is complete, this saves additional money, too.
  5. When you adopt, you are supporting valiant rescue efforts working to save millions of pets across the country. So, by your actions, you are making the choice to not support puppy or kitty mills, which utilize factory-style breeding in torturous circumstances.

top 5 reasons

Super Smiley here and I have to weigh in on this one!

  1. You will adopt your new best friend! It’s true. We have four of us at my house!
  2. We rock our uniqueness! When someone talks about their dog’s or cat’s pedigree, you can say your pet’s lineage is totally unique! He’s the only one like him in the whole world!
  3. Rock the “S” word! You can use us as “advertising” for adoption! When someone asks Megan where she got such beautiful, well-trained dogs, she says, “The Shelter!”
  4. We know we were rescued! And, we are soooo appreciative! We will love you furrever!
  5. We come with great and sometimes dramatic stories. I was abandoned two times and Angel was abandoned four times and was labeled “berserk!” She was just scared and now is the sweetest girl in the whole world. 

When I was rescued, I wanted to Paw It Forward by encouraging everybody to Adopt A Pet! So I created the Super Smiley Flash Mob 4 Pet Adoption and documented people’s reasons for adopting a pet. Check it out in my Super Smiley Flash Mob Dogumentary that’s been winning Film Festivals and then go out and adopt a pet!  Woof!

When you bring a new pet home, you want to set him up for success!

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Are you concerned that your new feline may turn into a scaredy-cat in her new environment? Try a calming collar that releases a continuous stream of relaxing pheromones.

Are you wondering how to start the bonding process with your dog? Show him love with delicious treats! Try these peanut butter-flavored bones to start training or to practice what he already knows!

Until next time, Woof and Super Smiles from,

Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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