Attention Pet Owners: Important Tips for the Fall!

The changing seasons, such as the onset of fall, bring about changes in our pet’s lifestyle, too.

Place warm blankets and rugs on your pet’s favorite sleeping places so that she can get extra warm and cozy. Also, move pet beds away from drafty windows and doors.

  • Hairless cats such as the Sphinx would appreciate a fleecy shirt
  • Shop the small-dog fashion aisle for something cozy and comfortable

Often the weather will get cooler before your dog’s official winter coat has grown in. So, consider purchasing a soft sweater to keep him warm if the thermometer suddenly drops. For dogs that suffer from skin allergies, it’s a good idea to wash their clothing with a fabric cleaner that you would use to wash baby clothes.

Talking of allergies, both cats and dogs, just like people, can suffer from seasonal allergies. Ragweed and flowering plants that are a part of the sunflower family (even if they don’t resemble common sunflowers) are ranked as one of the greatest allergens of all pollen. So if your pet is allergic to this plant family, the reaction will most likely manifest in the fall, which could be anything from asthma-like wheezing and respiratory problems to inflamed ears and ear infections. Other symptoms could include rubbing the facial area with a paw and even facial scabbing where your pet has scratched herself.

A pet’s sleep cycle follows the circadian rhythm of its 24-hour biological clock. When it comes to cats, their sleeping patterns are linked to when they most likely would hunt, such as in the very early morning or at dusk. Consequently, domestic cats may base their napping schedules around the food bowl instead. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer in fall, you may be putting down the bowl earlier, which can make it appear that your cat’s sleeping habits have changed.

Pets are generally less active during cooler weather. So, discuss whether you should reduce food quantities during the cooler months ahead with your veterinarian. If you are going to be serving a different food altogether, be sure to transition over slowly so that you pet doesn’t notice the change.

Domestic pets aren’t geared to survive outside in cold weather. Don’t forget during the fall to start bringing them indoors to sleep, too!

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