How to Keep Pets Calm with Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween, whether it’s trick-or-treating in the neighborhood or attending a special pet parade, can be a very noisy and boisterous occasion. And not all pets like such festivities. In fact, many get very stressed to the point of hiding or even attempting to run away.

So it’s really important to access your pet’s personality before planning on taking them with you around the neighborhood or signing them up to participate in a pet parade.

If your dog is game to go around the neighborhood, it’s a really good idea to purchase his costume and try it on well in advance so ensure that he’s comfortable and thus will be unfazed wearing it on the day.

Dogs that don’t like dressing can still dress up by wearing a fun howl’oween-centric bandana; you can spray his coat with non-toxic washable pet paint -you can use cookie cutters to spray designs on in the shape of pumpkins, bats and witches.

When you go around the neighborhood, be sure that an adult is on the other end of the dog leash. Kids are far too distracted by all the fun to be in control.

Even if your dog is sociable, keep him away from neighborhood front doors by standing back when the kids ring the bell. You never know when the incumbent dog is not very friendly which, in turn, may stress your dog if he’s involved in an unwelcome confrontation.

Back home, pets that suffer from stress and anxiety every time the doorbell rings should be kept away. Put them in a room away from the noise. It’s a good idea to plug in a pheromone diffuser in the room. Set it up a couple of days in advance so that the pheromones can properly infiltrate the room and ensure that your pet will remain calm. Pheromone diffusers replicate the natural pheromones both dogs and cats emit to keep their young calm. For pets that suffer from anxiety you can consider putting on a calming collar infused with natural calming agents such as lavender and chamomile. And you can always try a Thundershirt, a garment that provides a swaddling effect in the same way that mother’s swaddle babies and small children to keep them calm and less anxious.

If you are planning to keep your pets away from the constantly ringing doorbell, be sure that you cat has access to a litter box as well as food and water. It’s a good idea to take your dog for a long walk so that he gets plenty of exercise so that when he comes home he will happily enjoy his dinner and go off to snooze and not be upset by the neighborhood activity.

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