Importance of Fresh Water and Clean Bowls

As it is with people, it’s equally important for our pets to stay properly hydrated irrespective of seasonal weather changes.

Dogs and cats that eat a wet diet get more moisture content than pets on a dry diet. Nevertheless, they are supposed to drink a certain amount of water per day to remain properly hydrated and healthy. Vets say that cats need about one cup of water (8 fluid ounces) per 8 to 10 pounds of body weight. As far as dogs are concerned, it all depends on activity level, size and age, but on average veterinarians recommend between 8.5 to 17 ounces of water per 10 pounds of body weight.

Water bowls need to be washed out at least once per week to prevent an algae build up, and perhaps more often if they are positioned where dust can fly in from outside. Water bowls should be topped off daily. Pets tend to shy away from stagnant water that has been standing for a long time — and that’s very understandable as it has an unpleasant taste!

It’s a really good idea to consider stainless steel, glass or ceramic water bowls and to shy away from plastic because often, over time, plastic invades the taste of the water, too. Besides, materials such as stainless steel, glassware and ceramic are very easy to clean and can also be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Animals in the wild are used to drinking running water and you can replicate this innate drinking habit by installing a pet fountain in your home. Many of them come with reservoirs, which assist in the daily need to top off the bowl. Pets are automatically drawn to running water and studies show that pets that have access to drinking fountains tend to drink more.

Drinking fountains usually have built-in filters that filter and clean the water. Make a note to change out these filters regularly and to also maintain the pump so that it doesn’t get clogged with hair. It’s actually very easy to do and is not a long and involved task.

For pets that have kidney issues or diabetes and as a result tend to drink more, it’s a good idea to use distilled water in either the water bowls or the fountain. Even if you have only one pet in the household, be sure to place several water bowls in different places.

A great way to introduce young children to the responsibilities of pet ownership is to put them in charge of the water bowls by having them tell you when the levels are low.

There is nothing like constant reminders to top off the water and keep bowls clean.

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