And The Hero Dog Awards Winner Is…Susie!

Last month marked the Fourth Annual Hero Dog Awards presented by the American Humane Association to honor the human/animal bond and the extreme canine heroes who walk among us. Eight categories participate including military dogs, law enforcement dogs, service dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, and hearing dogs. To give you an idea of the extraordinary feats these dogs perform, the first winner led her blind person down more than 2,000 steps in a dark stairwell out of the burning Twin Tower on 9/11 to safety.

Hero 3

This year we celebrate Susie, who as puppy was set on fire and left to die, but literally rose from the ashes to change the animal cruelty law in North Carolina.  Congratulations to Susie and to her person, the beautiful Donna Lawrence!

Super Smiley here and I am Super Smilin’ to help announce that Susie is the Top Hero Dog! I’m the Spokes-Dog for the 2014 Hero Dog Awards and had the great honor to present on stage with the “Positively” Pawsome Victoria Stilwell. I personally know that every one of these dogs are amazing! Susie has been one of my best dog buddies for years and she has accomplished sooo much to help all the animals! As a little puppy she was set on fire by her person and left alone as she ran off into the woods to die. But she was meant to live! 

Hero 4She was rescued and nursed back to health at the Guilford County Animal Shelter. The man who set her on fire was brought to trial and convicted but, according to North Carolina law at that time, there was no jail time for animal cruelty. So Susie and her team of amazing humans, including her now-forever person, Donna Lawrence, proposed a law that made it all the way to the governor! Governor Beverly Perdue signed it into action Dec. 1, 2010. And, Susie’s paw print is on the law! Now such animal cruelty is classified as a Class H Felony, which can be punishable by incarceration. Go Susie! Go Donna!

Susie’s amazing story is told in the beeeeutiful feature film, “Susie’s Hope,” starring the stunning actress, Emmanuelle Vaugier. I’m in the movie, too, and my person, Megan, is an actress who plays Susie’s trainer in the movie! That’s where Susie and I met, and since then we have been best buddies! We’ve gone to children’s hospitals together as Pet Partner Therapy Dogs, we’ve been on the Red Carpet together, we’ve trick-or-treated and she’s stayed at my house! Susie is an amazing Hero Dog and I know she will agree with me when I say that I believe all dogs can be heroes. Look into the eyes of the dog looking up at you right now and you are looking into the eyes of your personal Hero Dog!

Learn more about Susie and her message of love and forgiveness at and you can meet all this year’s Hero Dog Nominees on my Pet Life Radio show, A Super Smiley Adventure.

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Until Next Time, Woof and Super Smiles from,
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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