Mark Your Calendars for National Black Cat Day

Nov. 17 is National Black Cat Day — a day to appreciate these beautiful creatures, promote their adoption and dispel the myths that are associated with “midnight cats.”

It’s sad that in this millennium we are still so locked up in the folklore of the Middle Ages surrounding black cats and witches that label them as a sign of anything evil and dark.

A black cat is five times more likely to be passed over for adoption than cats of any other fur color or fur color combination. And it’s like judging a book by its cover. Instead, we should be looking at the cat’s personality and innate feline traits to make adoption decisions.

But these myths persist, and that’s one of the reasons that shelters protect black cats (and dogs) by refusing to allow them to be adopted out during October as the month culminates with Halloween.

The myths surrounding black cats vary depending on where you live, which as far as I am concerned negates the whole superstitious aspect completely!

But nevertheless, here are some of the concepts, both negative and positive, that still persist:

  • In the United Kingdom, black cats are considered lucky and white cats unlucky.
  • In America the opposite is supposed to apply; black cats are unlucky and white cats lucky.
  • It’s lucky to dream about a black cat.
  • A black cat crossing the path of a funeral procession is supposed to forecast the death of another family member.
  • A strange black cat sitting on your front porch is a sign of good fortune.
  • Sailors throughout history have always considered a cat on board to be good luck, irrespective of its coloring — and that’s the way it should be!

Let’s make this National Black Cat Day the most successful ever by getting as many black cats adopted into forever homes as possible. Even if you are unable to adopt at the present time, it’s still possible to promote the occasion by dispelling the myths surrounding black pets by word of mouth, Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, this is the ideal opportunity to use social media to its fullest advantage, so let’s collectively post as many photographs of beautiful black cats on Instagram to establish a world record by posting photos with the #blackcat hash tag. And let’s collectively stop “racially profiling” pets. Every single one — irrespective of fur color, deserves human respect and a loving, forever home.

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