Our Top 10 for Keeping Pets Safe During Thanksgiving

Super Smiley here! I’m a happy, healthy dog and that means I love a party, especially where there’s lots of food! But I’ve been around long enough to know that special events and feasts can harbor dangers that can tempt us; and it’s our people’s job to keep us safe! 

  • tday 3How can you keep us occupied and happy while the people are feasting? Simple! Give us a puzzle treat with some turkey and plain sweet potatoes inside. We will love it! And we will be super thankful!
  • I would sooo love to lick the plates as my extra special treat, but all that rich fatty food could give me painful intestinal distress, diarrhea or even a case of pancreatitis which can be very serious. So skip the licking and the leftovers!
  • Make sure if you give your dog a bite of turkey it is fully cooked and free of bones. Never give your dog turkey bones!
  • No dressing or fancy vegetable recipes! Some spices like sage can contain essential oils that can upset pets’ stomachs and even cause nervous system distress. Raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure and can be deadly. So to play it really safe, I recommend no raisins in the house at all! Onions and onion powder can destroy a dog’s or cat’s red blood cells. And chocolate may be fatal as well.
  • Keep our regular feeding and exercise schedule. This will keep us calmer and help us feel like we are being taken care of, even with all the extra stimulation and activity.

tday 2

Good job, Super Smiley! Megan here now adding to Smiley’s tips with my top five:

  • Keep an eye on the big picture. You are your dog’s guardian, so make sure guests know the rules. If they insist on giving your dog a Thanksgiving treat, let them give him a small safe bite that you approve, then no more feeding! This will make sure your dog doesn’t accidentally ingest a poisonous food, bones or just too much of a good thing!
  • Food wrappings like aluminum foil and wax paper and small items like toothpicks can cause big problems if ingested. Keep these things away from the edges of counters and off of low cocktail tables within your dog’s reach.
  • The garbage can will look like the jackpot to your dog, and may contain every one of the dangers listed here! So, keep the garbage out of reach — maybe up on a washing machine or dryer and in a hard can with a lid.
  • Make sure your dogs and cats have a safe quiet place where they can have a retreat. If they are easily over stimulated or don’t like crowds, then let them skip the festivities completely in a quiet “safe” room. To keep your kitties safe in the house, consider keeping them in a room behind closed doors so they don’t wander out with the guests coming and going. Try a calming diffuser and calming collar on your dog or cat to reduce stress.
  • One of my personal favorites is to keep Smiley and Angel with me the whole time. This is easily done. Keep them on a leash with your arm through the leash loop. This will ensure you have your eye on them keeping them safe the whole day.

Until Next Time, Happy Thanksgiving! Woof and Super Smiles from,

Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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