National Mutt Day! Super Smiley’s Top 5 Reasons Mutts Rock!

Super Smiley here and I’m a Mutt! National Mutt Day is Dec. 2 and was created by Celebrity Pet Expert Coleen Paige to celebrate, embrace and help save mixed-breed dogs and to educate everyone about how Pawsome we are! Did you know that the iconic dog who played Old Yeller in the classic “Old Yeller” film was a mutt? So was the dog actor Benji! 

2. Mutts in pool

Hanging out in the doggie pool!

  1. Mutts are generally hardy and healthy because we haven’t been inbred in puppy mills looking for that “perfect designer dog.” We are the “perfect designer dog!”
  2. Mutts are Super Pawsome! Because we have so many different genetics working for us, I like to think we are the best of everything!
  3. We are unique! Our genetics can be a combination of many breeds. So that makes me think that we are the only one like us in the whole world! It took a lot of breeding to get us just the way we are! Extra special!
  4. We are smart! We don’t have the “over breeding” issue that sometimes causes purebred dogs to be overly nervous and lacking focus. And, many of us were abandoned, so we have “street smarts!”
  5. Mutts rock! And in my mind, that’s just a fact! We love our people and know we’ve been rescued. And, if you rescue us, we will rescue you right back!

8. Mutts Rock Flash Mob!In my Mutt Campaign, we’ve toured the whole country Super Smiley Flash Mobbing and singing it right out there for everybody to hear: “The coolest thing you can do….  Is get a Thrown Away Dog. Mutts Rock! It’s True!” If you get one, you will become a believer!

Hey everybody, Megan here now and I couldn’t agree more! Good job Super Smiley!

Mutts are totally rocking the human/animal bond! They are proving that they can perform lifesaving jobs that were once thought to be reserved for specific purebreds.

Mutts are gaining kudos and recognition serving in our military as bomb sniffing dogs. They are the service dogs for the K9s for Warriors program rebuilding the lives of our PTSD affected War Veterans. They are cancer detection dogs, hearing dogs, search and rescue, therapy dogs. They were finalists at the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards. And the Official National Hero Dog Awards Spokes-Dog was a Mutt: Super Smiley!

Here are some ways you can celebrate National Mutt Day!

  1. Adopt a Mutt! Encourage your friends looking for a dog to take home a Mutt.
  2. Rock your dog’s Muttness! When someone asks what he is, instead of saying the designer label like cockapoo or terr-huahua, say with pride, “He’s a Mutt!”
  3. Volunteer at your local shelter and take a mutt for a walk!
  4. Donate $5 to your local shelter in the name of a mutt you love.
  5. Social Media!

Do you wonder if the pure bred dogs might look down on your mutt? Rock it and keep him looking his best and “camera ready” with a healthy coat and white, bright teeth!

Until Next Time! Woof and Super Smiles from,

Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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