Do Dogs Really Need Obedience Training? Part 2

Super Smiley here and I agree with everything Megan said in her obedience post because I show her these things every day! One of the consistent messages we give to our radio listeners is that dogs are teachers and when their people learn to really listen to them, a lot can be accomplished!

6. Socializaition

Socialization is a very important part of obedience training

My German Shepherd pack mate, Angel, has been a great teacher for us. Megan met her at a shelter when she was 10 months old. She wasn’t being shown any more because she had “BERSERK” written across her paper work and was going into that last room that night. Megan saw her and was so drawn to her sweet German Shepherd puppy face and her flop ear. It took Megan almost 5 minutes to convince ‘em to let her see Angel, because she was already scheduled to go into that room. When Megan finally got her into the meet-and-greet area, Angel ran and played with Megan, was excellent fun, she was relaxed, and gave lots of eye contact. When Megan lightly moved Angel into a “down” onto her side, Angel looked at her and smiled. Megan said, “There is nothing wrong with this dog, I’ll take her.”

When they got home, Megan observed that if anything that caused tension happened, even on a very subtle level on the TV or with Tout Suite the Kitty, Angel would jump up and throw herself onto Megan and windmill her arms around in circles while screeching. This was “the BERSERK” the shelter warned Megan about. But, Angel wasn’t berserk. She was terrified. You see, in the 10 short months of Angel’s life, she had been abandoned four times. The first time was in the desert — alone and with her infected flop ears duct taped up. She is a very sensitive dog. In fact, she is super hypersensitive. And with absolutely no structure or training for her mind to fall back on, she would just go into a full-on panic attack. Megan gently gave her a structure that night:  rewarding her calm and ignoring her panics. She kept her on a short leash with her the whole time in the house. Megan showed her what to do when she ate, where to go to the bathroom, where to sleep, then put her back on the “calm” leash again for the next day. In 24 hours, all the “berserk” was gone — and gone forever.

5. Angel Agility games

Angel loves agility training

Yes, Angel had been abandoned, but she also was a hypersensitive dog who had never been given any obedience training. She was lost. She had no idea what to do. Obedience training saved her, not because it made her obedient, but because it made her relax. She could relax and know that her new person had it taken care of. All she had to do was listen and do what her person said and all would be OK. What a lesson Angel showed us! And I second it with 4 Paws Up!

Until Next Time! Woof and Super Smiles from,

Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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