Man’s Best Friend is Now Woman’s Best Friend

Move over men! Women are quickly changing the “man’s best friend” adage about dogs and pets in general. According to a recent SheByShe survey, 85 percent of women said that their pet is their best friend. But pet adoration doesn’t end with best friend. Did you know that a whopping 99 percent of participants said that their pet is a member of the family? As a proud mom of two dogs and past owner of many a cat, this is something with which I definitely agree.

So how exactly do I consider my dogs to be family members?

  • I bring my dogs along while running errands – weather dependent of course. If I head to the door with car keys in hand and don’t invite the boys along for a ride, I swear that their eyes shoot daggers my way. Plus, that sad and disappointed look that washes over their sweet faces kills me a little bit every 2
  • Both dogs watch TV at the foot of the couch while curled up on oversized doggie beds (that is if Sammy hasn’t put himself to bed already in his self-proclaimed human bed). I also make sure to bring one bed up and down the stairs at bed time because one likes to sleep on a chair in the bedroom while the other whines until his bed is set up in its proper position in a corner.

photo 3

  • We enjoy spending time and relaxing together in the hammock on summer days.

photo 1

  • I always want to call the vet and check in on how they are doing when they are being boarded. I definitely checked out the boarding kennels before the first visit and teared up when I left because I was worried they (as adopted pooches) would think I was returning them to the shelter.
  • I feel guilty if we walk or run by a body of water and I don’t let my Lab, Chase, sprawl out. Yes, he is spoiled and is the boss of me!


  • I also tend to show photos of my dogs to people and realize that I have more photos of them than experiences!

My boys are definitely a part of my family. Do you consider your dog or cat to be a family member? Maybe even your best friend?

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