Super Smiley’s Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets

Super Smiley here. Holidays are for family and we all know pets are family, so here are my ideas to bring us right into the mix.

  1. Take a trip to see Santa. Yep, I go every year with Angel. Megan has found outdoor Santa Clauses where dogs can visit along with the kids! Go early so you can display the pictures as part of your festive holiday décor.

    7. Santa dogs

    We love Santa!

  2. Make us a wonderfully delicious holiday casserole. Cook rice in a pot and cook some ground beef in a skillet. Drain off the extra fat and then put the rice, ground beef, broccoli, carrots and apples in a casserole dish and bake it for 30 minutes. We could eat the whole thing, but just give us a cup full at a time. We will love it!
  3. See if there is a local pet bakery in your city and take us for an afternoon holiday treat.
  4. Have a holiday dog party. Invite my dog friends over for some casserole and pet bakery goodies. And then (see number 5).
  5. Holiday dancing to the holiday music! Dogs love to dance with their people. The people smile and laugh and sing and that makes us happy! We can dance at our dog party and then, when it’s just our family, we can still dance! That’s good too!
  6. Spruce up our holiday décor by going to the fabric store and buying some holiday décor fleece or flannel and put it over our bedding like a little blanket. The softer the better. I love soft. I was in a shelter with a cement floor for 21 days and I love soft! This holiday fleece is super easy to wash and our beloved beds will remain unaltered to start off the New Year.
  7. Switch out our food and water dishes with holiday themed ones.
  8. If your pets are OK with other animal guests, see if your local shelter or rescue has a Home for the Holidays Program. It’s like a mini foster program where the shelter pets get to come home to a family for the holidays where they will be safe and loved. It’s not an adoption, but is like a temporary foster. And, many of the people either keep the pets or find them new homes within their circle of friends.
  9. I know there will be lots of photos, but be sure to catch that very special holiday family portrait that represents this season that you will always remember.
3. holiday room crop 2

Pets love relaxing by a warm fire with their humans!

I’m on #10, so I’ll let Megan take this last one.

Hey everybody! Megan here wishing you Happy Holidays!

#10.  Super Smiley did a great job giving you fun ways to celebrate with your pets. So, I’ll do a quick safety reminder.

  • Food: As far as food goes, keep the garbage can out of your pet’s reach. Be especially mindful to keep these items away from your pets: raisins, grapes, alcohol, bones, chocolate, fatty foods, table scraps and onions.
  • Plants: Keep all plants out of your pet’s reach especially mistletoe, holly leaves and berries, poinsettias, and bulbs.
  • Household items: Extension chords, candles, decorations (especially tinsel), glass and anything involving fire or electricity – keep all of this out of your pet’s reach.
  • Large decorations: Keep the Christmas tree and any other large decorations anchored so they won’t fall over if a cat climbs it or a dog jumps on it.
  • Behavior and structure: Remember that when guests are over, there is a danger that your pets may be let loose. When guests are there, keep your pets secure in a safe room or keep them on a leash under your control.
  • Celebrate! When everyone is safe and healthy, you can truly celebrate and truly be thankful for the holidays with your human family and friends and with your wonderful family of pets.

Until Next Time Happy Holidays and Woof and Super Smiles from,

Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®


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