Toys Cats Love for Christmas!

Cats, especially if they lead a safe indoors-only lifestyle, need lots of toys to keep them active and engaged both mentally and physically. In fact, felines are very easy to shop for because when it comes to fun and games, they thrive on variety.

Wand toys

These are without a doubt a feline favorite and great for pet parents to engage in playtime, too. What’s also great about them is that you can multitask by drinking a cup of coffee and playing games at the same time. There is terrific selection available with all kinds of fun things on the dangle end from feathers and crinkly papers to realistic looking insects that move and wriggle to pique feline interest. Wand toys are also great for allowing cats to hone their pounce and prey skills.

Laser toys

These make great stocking stuffers and are wonderful for interacting with several cats at the same time. It’s important to ensure that you never shine the beam directly into their eyes. Also, remember to stock up on treats, too, because laser games are not fair play as there isn’t really something to catch. So be sure to end the game with treats.

Catnip and silver vine

There is no question that cats will proclaim anything with catnip as a firm favorite. Fortunately, there is an excellent selection of catnip stuffed toys from mice to balls and kicker toys that they love to pounce on, kick and roll around. Catnip is a safe plant that just revs up their energy levels for about 10 minutes of enhanced playtime. Silver vine is an Asian plant that is now available in the U.S. and offers cats the same kind of energetic “high.”

Ball games and anything that crinkles

Balls and crinkling toys that bounce, along with crinkling shaped balls made of paper are great inexpensive toys that cats love to play with, either alone or by interacting with their favorite people. Look for balls that chirp and make interesting noises and also for fabric-covered ones with feathers attached. The fabric allows a cat to grab them and toss them high in the air.

Cardboard and paper

These are two of a cat’s favorite materials especially in either box format or paper bags. You can create your own fun with cardboard boxes by stacking them and building a play center. Alternatively, there are specially manufactured cardboard boxes that stack to create a fun center. They have holes cut into them so cats can really climb around and play. The same goes for paper bags. Specially manufactured feline ones are infused with catnip. If you decide to repurpose shopping bags, just be sure to cut off the handles to ensure they are safe for feline play.

Battery-operated toys

This is a growing and very imaginative sector of the feline toy market. There are lots of great toys to choose from that operate at the press of a button. You can choose from games that attach to a doorknob to floor styled interactive games with mice on a track and string that flings around in different directions. They are a worthwhile investment and make great gifts.

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